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  1. Hey, wait a minute! I drove my/your Brat as daily driver all summer, 6k miles infact. I thought it was just as decent of a driver as any second gen car I've had. Sure they're not as roomy, but they make good drivers. I tend to side with the preservationists rather than the collectors though, I'd rather see a nice orginal or restored stock Gen 1 going down the road any day than see 10 sitting in someones yard rusting away. The worse thing for these and any older cars is for them to sit around and never be driven. I used to collect model cars, never cared much for having the 1:1 scales sitting around collecting dust.
  2. So I've recently noticed in my hatch ('87 Standard, no a/c) that when I turn on the heat that no only do I get great heat coming out of the heater box (or defroster) but I also get very cold outside air on my left leg. It seems to be coming out from around where the fuse box is but back more toward the fire wall (nothing comes out at the fuse box). It's getting really annoying lately and seems to have gotten worse in the past few weeks. Also, the cold air increases with the speed of the heater fan just like the normal heat; when the fan is off, no cold air! WTH is going on with this thing? Oh, the dash vent is closed, no air comes from it or around it at all unless it is in the open position.
  3. I say fix him and keep him for a backup, I know I feel naked without a second car. Then if rocky breaks down he can swoop in and be your "white knight'
  4. Yeah, great torque, but the EA's aren't too hot on speed, they're like a big block V8... they just take forever to build the revs.
  5. If I'm not mistaken I think someone used to makek those for Subes, maybe AA.
  6. You've got to be kidding right? The gen 1 Subaru is the easiest thing I've ever worked on and I've had experience working on most everything. They're far easier than any EA82 car or most Subarus since (the new impreza isn't bad) I've always thought the engineering was dead on with the Gen 1 cars, come on....it takes less than half an hour to pull the whole dash and another half hour to strip off all the removable body parts and you're gonna tell me they didn't know how to engineer a car?! They weren't that new to the car building business in '79 either, 25 years in at that point.
  7. Oh, you've got them on now? I'll have to come up and check them out sometime, maybe it won't be so stinkin' cold..... or dark......... less dark would be great.
  8. I say sell it whole if can, honestly you won't make near as much out of it in parts, I and a few other members have flooded the small market for first gen parts. Plus, who really wants to see another Gen 1 go the way of the dinosaur.
  9. They had been repainted a little darker gold (as was the wagon) but like most repainted wagon wheels the paint was peeling off, the gold they orginally came was a little brighter than that (less olive green in it) but not gaudy at all.
  10. The best I've got of my old wagon, it and the wheels look way darker than thay actually were.
  11. Like this? http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/photos/showphoto.php?photo=13347 I like the white better myself, looks way less redneck. Also an idea, the army has gone to the new *digital* camo, I don't think anyone has ever done that on a car before. Other cool patterns on their page: http://www.4starmilitarysurplus.com/colors.htm
  12. Not much of a picture, and it looked way better in person (and when the fender matched) but I just went with straight OD green, looked very military. I don't know of anyone else who has done just the green, the color didn't turn out that good in pics.
  13. I had an '83 Wagon that was gold with gold wheels, came that way as far as I know, they hadn't been repainted.
  14. I do believe so. I believe I'd try a bronze color, it's just dark enough not to stick out like a sore thumb, just gold enough you could call it gold. There's someone on here with a Loyale or GL10 EA82T four door that is a darker blue with bronze pugs, looks sweet.
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