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Thanks you, Austin (Ratty2Austin), Eric (Zaper), Noah (NoahDL89?) and Rob (lumpCam?)

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Well I made it home. With the help of the Subaru club. First I called Austin...then Zaper and the Rob. First of all Noah, to figure out what was wrong.


Over the phone Austin said it could be a Tranny mount. But further investagtion. The Auto shop found out that it was a blow to h**l front right axle, joints, boots and all. when they took it apart... out of the car it broke. the joints broke one in the tranny and on in the brake holder thingy. They had it fixed fast then I could call my girlfriend. I want to take Rob in Newport to help me find an auto shop. total cost $239.00. I dont care about the price, the shop did it has fast as they can! I whole 40 minutes.:banana:

* * * * * *

other news, seeing how the roads where really crappy driving over the pass. I had it in 4wd from Dillon, Mt to a little before Spokane before I noticed the problem. It was the last factory one in there. last a 153,000 miles. DAMN! but with 4wd I was averaging 350 miles to the gallon. Yeah ME:santa:


Thank you once again for all the help!


John Arne

Montana National Guard

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Or maybe even 35 mpg, but that's doubtful. Nevertheless, congrats on getting home and kudoes to all of the WA guys for their magnanamous efforts. Reminds me of the old motto from M.A.S.H. - "Best care anywhere."

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