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Legacy struts on an Impreza OBS

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Hm.....upper spring seat sizes are sure to be different, so if it works I would guess you would need to run the Legacy springs and Legacy upper spring seats together, or the Forester upper spring seats and Forester springs together.


Can do some part # checks and such if desired....

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okay i've never disassembled the struts before.


i thought for sure that any EJ strut could be used in an XT6 if you swapped the top strut mount. so i was figuring at most i could swap the top strut mount and use these Legacy struts and springs on my impreza. actually i was thinking it would be a straight up swap, didn't know they were that different.


i didn't know this was uknown territory, maybe the XT6 guys actually know more since we're the ones playing with EJ struts all the time.

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