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Fuel and Oil Pump Questions ? ? ?

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First the fuel pump. GeneralDisorder posted this in another thread:


Originally posted by GeneralDisorder

The stock carb fuel pump is rated at 2 psi - Qman looked it up in the FSM. This is not enough for the Weber. The Weber runs best at 5 - 7 psi. And after 20 years, I don't think my fuel pump is even putting out 2 - I think it's lucky to be getting .5 at this point. I have a clear fuel filter, and I can see how fast it's runnning through it, and it's barely a drip. I'm going to be replaceing it with a carter fuel pump putting out 7 psi, and a pressure regulator so I can adjust it to where it needs to be.


If you are running a higher pressure fuel pump, which one do you recommend for use with a Weber?


I'll be using a Weber DGES 38 on a dual-carb long block with a custom intake with a cross section that is 25% larger than stock and exhaust modifications. I know I may have to re-jet it, but IIRC one other member is running a DGES and I was willing to trade some mpg for low-end grunt...


As to the oil pump--would one of these high volume pumps be worth the $109 price tag?

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The carter fuel pumps are good - summit racing has em for like $59


As for an oil pump - I don't see any need for a high volume pump. And there's only one on that page that's $109 - same part number for both turbo and non turbo. You would do better to get a new SOA oil pump and gaskets, and an oil cooler. Keeping the oil cool will keep it denser and give you greater pressure. The stock oil pumps are fine if the block is in good shape, and the seals on the pump are good.



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