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Wheres the Heat?! PART 3

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Hi All,


My 92 Subaru Loyale still has no heat!


The temp gauge on the dash reads 1/2 which seems to be normal operating temperature, but the heat output is no warmer that your breath.




Every once in a great while I can hear a little air bubbling in the heater core, but nothing major.


I have checked the system for leaks but can find none. I even created an air bleeder T-valve for the heater core to try to get all the air out.



To date, I have done the following:


* Flushed the heater-core forwards and backwards 4 times.

* Bleed the air out of the system

* Replaced the thermostat twice and made sure the little jiggle valve faces back.

* Put big piece of cardboard in front of the radiator to restrict the airflow.

* Replace the belt driven fan with an adjustable, electric fan.

* Wrapped heater hoses in pipe insulation

* Insulated 1/2 the hood w/ fiberglass insulation to keep the engine warm.

* Just added stop leak in case it’s a pinhole leak.



Now the engine starts to boil over because it’s so hot, but I still don’t have any heat!




I’m losing my marbles trying to figure out what's causing the problem! It’s a great little car and loves to play in the snow, but I’m getting tired of my 5 year old and I freezing every time we go for a ride.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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I have checked the movement/function of the vaccume controled levers/valves for the heater core as well as the cable controled lever for the heater / fresh air control.


All is working properly.



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TJ, are both heater core hoses hot?

If so, it must be the blend door on the heat vent system.

I see not mention of addressing this.

The only help I can offer is a picture possibly of the position the blend door control arm is in when in the heat position.

Sorry we got a bit dumped on and I could not get this pict if needed until tomorrow. Email me if you want me to do this.

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This sounds all to familiar.. Only dif is that I am in a 86 Hatch. So please post it on here Skip.. Tis a little chilly in the N.W. @ 5 am.



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I took a look at the Heater Blend Door last night and it seems to be fine. In fact the cable goes directly to a 1/2 moon shaped plastic gear that turns 90 degrees to a lever that must be conected to the door. It's a little hard to see when your 6'3" as you have to work upside down and need a shoe-horn to get in there.


I tried to adjust the heater blend door lever but it's set a as far as it will go. In fact, the 1/2 moon gear has a raised bump on the end to prevent the gear from accidently going too far.


So... just for grins I've closed off the cold air vents outside near the hood with duct-tape and disconected the AC plug. I've noticed that the heat is a little better now when on AC max as it must be pulling in air from inside the car and re-heating it.


Any other ideas?






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