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  1. On a '01 Forester if the timing belt has stretched or broke so the engine will not start but turns over and tries start ...can I still replace the timing belt and fix it or is it a loss cause?

  2. Hi Skip, I need advice on my 87 4-door GL and was hoping you could help. The car has electronic height control and needs a new set of shocks/struts. Rather than replace w/ the expensive ride height shocks/struts, I'd like to replace w/ a cheaper conventional set without ride height control. My question then is, what shocks should I use? Thanks in advance! Chuck

  3. Hey Skip, I'm having shifting issues with my 92 Loyale auto transmission and was wonder if you still have the article you wrote on cleaning the governor assembly? If so could you please email me at blackson.jacob@gmail.com.



  4. Hey Skip, hope all is well :)

  5. Skip - Just happen to think of the old USMB and you today when the subject of Subarus came up on a Chrysler forum I'm on. Remember me? How's it going? I was a little surprised when I attempted to log on and it worked after all these years.

  6. We love Skip! :D

    (Nothing creepy, just wanted to say thinks for all the help

    you gave me when I first logged on.)



  7. 98sub

    I'm sorry for the delay, I'm on vaction in SC and have not been at the pooter much.

    I'm sure you have your questioned answered by now, crank bolt is right hand thread

    and head bolts are NOT yield bolts.

    Davebugs is the man on replacing these engines. PM him with questions.


    Again sorry for the delay,


  8. Skip, I have a 98 Sub Outbk 2.5, I am removing the crank bolt. Just verifying, is it a left hand thread(bolt removed by turning cw, or right hand thread(bolt is removed by turning ccw).

  9. Skip, I have a 98 sub Legacy Outback Limited 2.5L with intermittant overheating and small amount of oil in coolant. Decided to pull engine and change HG's and investigate if it has a cracked head. Some mechanic told me I needed to use new cylinder head torque to yield bolts because they were designed for a 1 time use, while another mechanic told me he does HG on Subaru's every day and always reuses them. 12 new bolts add a substantial cost to the job. What is you call.

  10. Michael!!!! By God old chap, thought the married life got you hunkered down. So how's Hilery?? and whatcha drivin' these days.

    Email me mate at neper@altel.net will ya?

    best Rgrds,


  11. Yo Skip,

    Howdooo?, bet you thought you had got rid of me eh?

    Well im doing good - well things could be better eh but thats life...

    Hows you and everybody then?

    Drop me a line sometime ...... have a genuine workshop manual that you may be interested in, let me know, or I'll ebay it!



  12. Hey skip i think i might be having a dwell problem.

    Can you read this thread and see if you can help me?




    Thanks a bunch.

  13. I'll assume you are positive you changed the correct coolant thermo sensor not the temp sensor for the dash gauge.
  14. Phiz, as you know a diode is a one way street for electrons a "check valve "in H20 parlance. When bad... They can turn into an open circuit thus allowing no passage of current but they can also turn into a two way street allowing current in both directions. This is probably what happened to the regulator in the bad alt.
  15. Hi Jesse, by chance did you look through this post on the same subject? http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=93745&highlight=weber