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jackmans DON'T rub the brakes on my ea81???

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i just put jackmans on my 1980 hatch, and the brakes DO NOT need to be ground down like i was told. it looks like the closest part of the brakes to the rim would be the bracket that holds the pads. Is this the part that people have had to grind to make this work???? doesn't really matter, cause i have no troubles. just wondering if anybody who has put these wheels on an ea81 era car can confirm that it needed to be ground or not.


edit** anyone got centercaps for these wheels?

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You have an '80 - so you have the older solid rotors. On the 83+ cars they had vented rotors, and they are thicker, with different calipers..... therin lies your problem. The later Gen 1 cars had a similar disc brake setup as yours - non vented rotors. My guess is they will fit any car with the non-vented rotors with no problems.



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