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Northern Nevada Meet Aug 3rd

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Great Shots Pete!


Just an FYI. Brian lost fuel pressure on Hwy 80 at Nyak. I have been on the phone trouble shooting with him with no luck so far. It's a fuel related problem. We are thinking its the fuel pump that died. But It's a complex system and if one thing dies it kinda effects the rest of it. He's calling a tow truck. Hope he gets home safe!

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2:11am and im finally home.


Thanks for buying my tires Greenley, it just paid for my tow ride home :(


Not sure wtf happend, car died and wouldnt restart. Verified no fuel is making it to the filter. Will do some research and try to repair it, however I dont know if I can feel confident driving this thing across Oregon and back, so my WCSS plans maybe canceled.

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Wow that sucks Brian. Hope it's something simple and you're back on the road cheap and soon (and can still make it to the show).




Another great day with the local Subaru gang, glad to have met you Pete. I'm sure we'll have more days like that in the future, next time it might be more 4-wheeling and less wrenching needed.


Pete, keep us posted on finding that noise. I've got a feeling it might be one of those spring clips may have become loose or dislodged, and is rubbing the edge of your disc.


Jeremy, let us know if you're going to go ahead with the HG job, we'll help ya.

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Yeah about that noise Pete, i would recommend using new pads and not the same ones from the junkyard.


Also might want to take each rear wheel off and look for any rub marks on the backing plate where the rotor may be making contact. And also make sure the brake line is not making contact with the wheel in anyway.




Right now I am feeling less than confident driving the Legacy to the show and back. Im kinda upset with it, if im going to drive it anywhere, it will be into a lake.

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I strongly suggest investing in AAA. The premium membership, which is right around 100 bucks, gets you 4 free tows up to one hundred miles and one tow good for 200 miles. If you never use the tows, just fake a breakdown and get yourself a sleigh ride into reno without shelling out any gas money:)


I wish i was going to the show, especially after finding out you guys are all way cool and not goobers, well except the Mac guy;) I think i could BS with Dave into eternity.


I'll look into the noise asap. It's all but stopped unless i'm turning to the left, which seems strange :confused: What, in the rear, moves only when you turn?

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