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  1. How's the Soul been for ya?
  2. NV Zeno

    1983 GL Wagon D/R 4x4 synchro rings

    If you can find a used, low mileage EA81 4 speed, you can try replacing yours with that. No guarantee the very common 3rd gear issue won't be there. Been there done that. What GD said-yeah.
  3. Some of those photos of the whole cars look familiar. WCSS?
  4. NV Zeno

    New Indy Member

    That Loyale is in really nice shape!
  5. It's not often starters fail that way, but not unprecedented. The starter on one of my Fords failed like that. Glad you found the problem and got it fixed! And, thanks for the update..that's very helpful.
  6. I agree with Idosubaru above. Same thing happened to me some years back. Shaking stopped whenever I let off the gas. The problem developed really fast for me. Cheap axles of course, started shaking a little bit on my way to work, a 25 mile commute. WAY worse on my way back home that day, barely driveable by the time I got home.
  7. NV Zeno

    Hidden key code?

    Hmmm. It's possible that leadoff letter is specific to a regional market, like North America, Australia, Europe, etc. Just spitballing here.
  8. NV Zeno

    Hello from the far South

    The raised roof body on your wagon is also very rare (at least in North America). It looks to be in good condition, probably worth saving if you can.
  9. I've got a right side full assembly, meaning mounting bracket and glass light fixture itself. Bulb may still be plugged into it, too. As I recall, the glass flat surface is not cracked or broken, and IIRC it just needs a little cleaning and maybe some polishing. I've a couple of those grates that attach to the outside, too.
  10. If the rear components were faulty, he'd still have drive, because the fronts provide MOST of the power to the road. At first I'm thinking CVJ failure, but reading more causes me to think throwout bearing..although those make a huge racket LONG before catastrophic failure, something Paul would surely recognize. Just my 2 bucks
  11. NV Zeno

    Humming from rear end

    I agree with the U joint diagnosis. Had a speed related hum on my '83 some years back, and my Subaru guru at Norm's Auto Repair in South Tahoe replaced them. No more hum. That was about 100,000 miles ago, at 292,000 miles.
  12. Great story and pix. Thanks for posting!
  13. NV Zeno

    Halogen vrs LED vrs HID

    Very informative, thanks for posting.