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Remember the Thread: "To Paint or Not To Paint"?

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Do you Remember it?

My Very First Child Was Born in October :banana: She and my Wife needed my Attention, so I Took Vacations from Work to be with them since that date; But I Used the Free Spare Time from the Last Two Weeks, Preparing and then Painting my EA82 Wagon :brow:

I Choosed Yellow too, like my Other Wagon
(the 2.7) but with some Style Changes:


► I Used Brighter Yellow Paint and Deep Black Paint for Stripes!


► I "Shaved" the Subie's Body.


► a Friend was able to Help we with the Job and I Used his Air Compressor, Paint Gun, etc... for Free! :D


► The Motivation: Here in my Country, ALL Taxis are White, and 85% are Wagons! ... :mad: ...


My white Subie was Looking like a Taxi ...  :banghead: ... also I Really Love How those wagons Looks in Yellow!


My EA82 Wagon is Almost Finished in Light Yellow with Black Stripes ... it took Time and Hard Work Between Preparing my Subie and to be with my Girls... but this Vacations was some sort of "Now or Never" for Me... is Hard to Obtain Free Time this days, you Know... I Worked some days untill Very Late Night...

I Almost Finished Yesterday ...  
:banana:...  I Took some Pictures That I Will Post Soon, when I can Find my Camera! :eek:

This Weekend, I Hope I Could Find the Camera and Post here some Pics... I Also Fixed by the way, some Minor Problems the Subie Had and taked the Pics of that too!

Today I Went to my Job Again... no more Vacation Untill Next Year, and I am Soo Tired... but it was Worth the Effort!!!

Kind Regards & Blessings!  





Edit: This Thread continues Here:


~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/122276-the-bumble-beast/


Because since I took parts from my Wrecked 2.7 wagon to Transform this,


My former white Weberized Wagon has been Renamed as:


"The BumbleBeast"


Please feel free to review and Post in That Thread.


Kind Regards.



Thread Closed.

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