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This morning my 97 Legacy Brighton 2.2 MT would not start. It would crank over and sputter a bit when I let off the key. I pulled the fuel line on the engine side of the fuel filter and had good flow with the key on. I have not had time to check for spark yet, but from searching the board two culprits are the cooland temp sensor and the crank position sensor. The coolant temp sensor is less than 6 months old. I change it due to an erratic idle.


I do not have a manual yet and I have to order it for this car. The soonest I can get it is Tues. Does anyone have the procedure for checking these two sensors to try to define the culprit.


The car has done this once before. It started back up 30 minutes later and has been fine since. It was very foggy and wet this morning which makes me think an electrical problem dealing with moisture.


Thanks for any help!!



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Well its not that hard. For the CPS you need an analog volt meter. As the engine cranks, the needle will pulse. It wil make an AC signal. Check your cam position sensor too.


The CTS is a thermistor. The colder it is the higher the resistance. Also check the reference voltage at the harness, it should be 5 volrs with the key on.



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