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Hi all, I'm replacing a replacement knock sensor that was cut into the wiring harness on my 1999 Outback wagon. A mechanic friend has a sensor part #22060aa070 that is for 2000-2001 Outbacks. I need part #22060aa061 for my 99 according to the dealer. My question is since I have to cut out the connector anyway, not using the harness plug in connector, can I use the one I can get for a lot less or is there also a difference in the sensor itself? By the way, I've already cleaned, reposistioned etc. the old one to no avail. Thanks again, Bob

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One way to find out.


The knock sesnor is just a piezoelectric sensor, like a microphone. It makes an AC signal and the ECU processes that signal.


If it was me I would give it a shot.




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