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Front Disc Caliper for Subaru 1994 Loyale 4wd Waggon

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I am working on a Loyale 1994 with front disc brake. I took apart the front right caliper and have to admit that I have some difficulties of putting it back together. My issue is the Lever and Spindle, Spindle and Cone Spring Washers. I am looking for a sequence of operation that allow for spindle, washers and return spring to be put back together. I have an exploded picture of the parts but no description of how it assembles.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards



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Thank you so much for sending those pages.

I think this is what I need however when zoomed those page are not readable

or at least details get lost.

Would you have those is better resolution or a place where I could get the manual it is extracted from.

Thanks so much for your kind assistance.



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