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81 brat

4 speed to 5 speed swap help

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I am trying to swap a 5 speed out of an 1989 gl wagon into my 1981 brat but the trannys are a lot different if somebody could post pics of the tranny mounts or tell me how they got it to work that would help a lot also could use pics of the shift linkage thanks

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Is your '81 Brat a GL with an EA81? If so you can likely do it (it won't work with the EA71), but the 1981 Brat belongs to the Historic section of this board and as such most of the folks that hang out here in the old gen section have no idea what you need to do to swap in a 5 speed.


I know a couple things - first you will have to lower the tranny (possibly the engine as well) or modify the floor-pan sheet metal to accommodate the larger diameter of the 5 speed. You will have to swap in the two-piece driveline from the '89 or have a custom driveline made, and you will have to fabricate a new transmission cross-member.


There's very few out there that have done this swap due to the rare nature of the '81 GL with the EA81. In fact they are so rare I would hessitate to modify it at all unless you know what you are doing.



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