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  1. Subaru have available, a kit of all the seals you need for just this task.
  2. '99 Forester: 150 k+, mostly as OEM, automatic,2.5 SOHC. Anywhere from 18- 30 depending on my driving habits, and highway/city. John
  3. 3. Is this common on Outbacks of this year? I've seen other posts w/similar issues at relatively low mileage. Thanks I don't think it is all that common for any Subaru of this vintage. My friend's 2000 Outback (abused) is still going like a champ. My '99 Forester, excellent. I follow several web sites, and I don't see this issue come up very often, if ever with your model year. Best of luck with it. Perhaps it is worth getting a few more estimates. Definately replace the Drier.
  4. My Mechanic simply applies a circular clamp to the offending shield. This works like a charm.
  5. Very good dealer indeed. I have ordered many parts through them and the few problems encountered, have been remedied swiftly! I find their on-line web site, easy to navigate.
  6. I Don't know about the others listed here,but Dynamat is awesome! At leat by my experience with it. John
  7. I've had great success with Zaino products! Their products go on easily, last a very long time, look show room glossy, and are easy on the paint finish. This will be my second year of use.
  8. Hello, Having the '99 myself, I would be more concerned with the rod knock issue that this model year is also infamous for! They say it goes away after warming up. And, it does, but after so many it gets much worse, is a major anoyence! For my car, new pistons were the answer to the tune 5K. I would much rather have had the head gasket issue. Find a car for cold start to hear the engine. If the you hear the mild knock, but still want the car, it could bargaining chip. Just my two
  9. Subaru's latest newsletter, stated, "All 2009 Subarus' will have Super Coolant," in place of the traditional green. It goes on to say something to the effect that it will last 11 years or 100k plus, before changing. Is this the same product as GM'S Dex Cool? Any opinions on this? Any benefits for the old, well maintained Subaru?
  10. These issues have covered many times here:) For what it's worth, I have had mine replaced (gaskets and pistons) and ever since, it really does seem bullet proof! John
  11. Good news Good news! The shop called today: As it turned out, the mechanic informed me, a rubber hose (part of the cooler lines I assume) was rubbing on the, "steering linkage," and had worn a hole through it. Cheap fix, made my day. Now I am ready for another 150K! John
  12. Likely canadits: Main seal front Cam Seals Oil Pump Seal T nipper Thanks nipper, but, all three of these have been done within last year and a half. Today I wiped down as much of the red fluid as possible and added a quart to the tranny. Started it up, it shot out even faster than I could put it in! It looked to be coming from under the engine area, however, I didn't want to get too dirty,so I didn't take the plastic undercover off to look. At any rate I had it towed 35 miles to my shop,all four paws off of the ground of course. It is definately red, transmission fluid. It took quite a bit of sand to sop it up. My guess is: either it's the cooler lines, or maybe, the PLASTIC radiator has corroded. I get the verdict tomorrow and will post here. John
  13. You are probably right. I would think it odd to go from zero leakage to a gusher like this. Looks like time for the flat bed trailer. Thanks to all!
  14. Today, about mile a mile from work, I noticed a slight smoke plume behind the Forester. No lights on, everthing on dash OK and performance normal. I pull into work and turn off the engine, to find the whitish smoke eminenating from under the hood. Open the hood to find the problem is obviously lower, from the exhaust! Upon looking at the underbelly there is obvious transmission fluid all over the exhaust and much of the plastic engine cover! Check the Tranny fluid, its now down to "cold" mark. After the smoke cleared and it cooled off, I got under to check the obvious- filter and hole plug; both feel tight. My question is this: is there something else that could be identified as the cause for this substanial leak? That is, if I fill back up and put on the ramps, is there an identifiable hose, or whatever, that might cause this? Or, am in for it? The tranny has always performed flawlessly, and never leaked a drop. The car has had a pampered year, with no problems. Thanks in advance for any pointers! John 1999 Forester 2.5 SOHC Automatic with 150K. Fluid changed 3x in a row, just to do it right, eleven months ago.
  15. Can I get my mechanic to test the alternator? Would that show anything? It's still working and charging the battery. ~Howard ALternators can easily be tested. Though, it might not be definative. I had one go, no warning or noise at all. It was a long walk.