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  1. I paid $1500 for mine - the same car with 172K miles. However, it was from a private party. A dealer would always be higher, and probably wouldn't have any maintenence records. Check it over thoroughly.
  2. I recently got a set (with a $50 rebate) from Tire Rack 215/60/16 for my wifes car. They only have a few thousand miles on them, but so far so good. They ride and handle well. Looking forward to trying them in the snow - the tread pattern should do well.
  3. I have experienced this on more than 1 new gen Suby. Pulling it out of garage and shut it off. Or move it over 1 spot in the driveway and shut it off. Or pull it into the grass and shut it off. I learned to let it idle for a few minutes once it's moved. The next start should be quiet.
  4. If I were looking at that car, I would check/look for.... oil leaks exhaust leaks strut condition wheel bearing noise CV joint and CV boot condition clutch shudder (if manual trans) torque bind (if auto trans) engine noise (ticking) "check engine" light rust Also, make sure all the tires are the same size and brand.
  5. Look at the 4th post on this thread..... http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=51554
  6. The wires that go to the fog light switch are very small and only have a small amount of current in them to control the fog light relay - the relay is where the full current to run the lights is drawn. I will certainly update this thread if a problem arises.
  7. Thank you for the replies. I took off the connector on the back of the foglight switch, and using a VOM figured out which wire was getting 12V with the low beams on but no voltage with the high beams on. I then jumped (connected) that wire to one that had 12V regardless of high/low selection. The fog lights stay on now with the high beams. As far as the back-up switch - I have to PLANT the shifter in reverse - sometimes holding a slight pressure on it to keep the back-up lights lit. I do see the switch on the side of the tranny, but I don't think it's adjustable. Thanks again everyone!
  8. 96 Leg Outback Driven at night 90% of the time. Is there a simple way to make the fog/driving lights stay on when the high beams are on? The reverse lights are intermittent. Where is the switch that activates them? The car is a 5spd. Thanks for any input!
  9. I'm curious about the struts.... Did you replace the springs too? Or will the orig ones work with the OB struts? Did the alignment require anything special? Thanks!!
  10. Very good - I will use a conventional 5W30. Thank you to all that replied!
  11. Hello everyone! I recently picked up a 96 Leg Outback with the 2.2/5 spd. It has 172K on the clock and does not leak engine oil. I would like to keep it that way and was thinking at my first oil change I would use the "high mileage" oil that several of the big oil companys produce. Suppose to reduce oil burning and oil leaks.... Any thoughts, ideas, experiences, recommendations, etc would be appreciated! Thanks!