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  1. I replaced mine with the cheapest option I found when I was changing it. Didn't have anyproblems with it. I think the most important thing is to make sure the gasket sits straight on the mounting surface and that the surfaces are clean. I used a sealing silicone with the gasket. It's still going nicely after 5 years of the swap. You might get the leak sorted by cleaning the gasket surfaces and changing the gasket once again and use good guality gasket seal between.
  2. yes my 88 coupe is the same as USDM 3door. and the EA71 is the engine (being the 1.6l then) . It's basicly the same body than RX coupe without the bodykit. This is the body style and actually my car also: http://image.nettiauto.com/extra/carimg/4982501_4982600/subaru-leone-4982578_b_483eef1c2eaa7b40.jpg And just to make sure my donor car is the same generation but just STW. Front of the cars are identical. And this body style has got the AWD EA82T option from the factory too so it shouldn't be that difficult in my opinion. My fault if you guys thought I was swapping EA82T to the older gen coupe. So the cardrivetrains are different.
  3. That sounds like suprisingly lot of work to do. I've always thought that the driveline is all the same in STW-Sedan-Coupe. I've been usng parts from a coupe in my ex sedan and STW:s. Engine bay of the coupe is identical than my SWT so that should no be a problem. Also one thing that I already checked is that the shocks at the rear and back are with the same mounts than my STW. Well I just have to check these things next time I go to the car. That will clear a lot of things after all. Also forgot to mention that the rear axle has rusted and is now in two pieces so to get the coupe even running I need to change rear axle.
  4. Well since I already have my EA82T with the mods it's virtually free to do the swap with the parts I already have. I've never had any problems with my EA82T that had 150-160bhp. It's only a 20% increasement in power if I push it to 160bhp since the engine has 134bhp stock. I have the las gen EA82T engine so it has gen3 heads and already has been modified from the most restrictive parts like exhaust manifold and turbo etc. But my original guestion was about the drivetrain. I assume there is mounting places for rear diff and driveshaft etc in the FWD body but I am not sure about it. I anyway have to install the AWD drivetrai stuff to my coupe so it's no a big job to swap the engine at the same. It might even be easier to swap the ea82 to it after the AWD conversion than the original EA71 that sits in FWD gearbox.
  5. EJ20 is an future plan. Just not possible right now with my budjet (would need at least 2,5k€ and since the cars has cost like 500€ now I can't justify that price). My plan is to get the EA82T to around 160bhp that should not be quite easy since the engine is 134bhp @stock and has already got some mods in it that are: -Top mount GC8 intercooler -MHI TD04L13T turbo -2,5" exhaust from turbo -New exhaust manifold -etc. etc. The thing is my donor car is pretty badly rusted from down below and would need a quite a lot of work with it and ofcourse a new paint to it. And it is a wagon with lifted roof that isn't also as light as teh 2dr coupe. I do like the ea82t engine and since I have it already it's the easiest way to get my coupe going with AWD transplant. And just to mention the wagon is not registered so I can't drive it on the road. And a last note I live in finland so getting parts isn't cheap or easy in any means.
  6. So the title says it all. I'm going to swap my FTAWD technic to my FWD EA71 chassis. I've been searching around a lot of info from this operation but really did not find any good thread that has info from this kind of swap (might be my bad search skills too:) ). So my problem is that I don't know is there any major modifications to do into my FWD chassis to fit FTAWD tehcnic in ? I would thought that my FWD chassis has all the same mounting brackets etc than FTAWD ? If not what might I expect to do myself ? Since I got a full donor car it should not be a problem but it is just nice to get ready for the job before I start it. My FWD chassis is a '88 leone coupe and donor car is '89/90 leone with FTAWD and EA82T with only 120k miles on it. So I know I have to change the whole technic including: -Engine and engine electronics -Gearbox, diff and other drivetrain parts -Front and rear brakes -Rear subframe -Fuel tank with fuel pump But is there anything else I need to do ?
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