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  1. New England = No hope Just embrace it, as you bounce down the road peppering the blacktop with sparkling flakes of your car. Subaru = Spread the Love
  2. I have one that was for a 1986 GL. I think they stopped making them with the Loyales.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5372433/Forgotten-Subaru-showroom-Malta-rare-cars.html
  4. follow the "red" wire if you want to continue down this rabbit hole Neo.
  5. The gen 3 GL/loyale era cars are definitely scarce here on the east coast, gen2 and gen1 are pretty much extinct. I do hope many old subarus "make a comeback" to the east coast so we can have more subaru soldiers to replenish our army in fighting the salt wars.
  6. Update: So the last 3 times I checked the radiator and overflow canister, no loss. fluid at correct level. ?????? So either some gnomes repaired my car at night......OR........a piece of crud(???) has lodged into the internal leak , blocking the leak? Again I am stumped?
  7. Question: when does clicking CV absolutely need to be replaced Answer: When it stops clicking.
  8. No evidence of water in the oil. I do have some white smoke on start up but it quickly clears up. I think I'm just going to keep adding coolant until the leak is so bad it becomes obvious (or I have to do something about it). I'm thinking a bad gasket somewhere causing an internal leak. what is the lowest ratio of anti-freeze to water mix I can get away with to make it through the winter. I'm thinking 3/4 water to 1/4 antifreeze, or can I go lower?
  9. So I am loosing a lot of coolant, no leaks anywhere. No huge amounts of white smoke either. Where is it all going?
  10. so i was pulling a tape on the 2.2 the other day and its a little too close to call. does anyone know if it would fit in the 78 gf? Keep it stock, don't frankenize it.
  11. Yes the Goliath and Subaru share the same DNA. I would try thesamba.com several write-ups on vw conversions. or search for old Matadors You will need a lot of luck finding original parts for that german antique you have. Nice score!
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