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  1. Exactly. If i would have just glanced at the stupid thing before installing! I took the time to lap the valves with that two part compound and all that other nonsense. I thought i was the man, but i had egg on my face. Luckily they sell single head gaskets for like $15 and you can reuse the bolts And i did learn the easiest way to install the timing belt from that ordeal however!
  2. What is your opinion on the airtex pumps? I saw a buy one get one free, but $200? That's for a high boost v8 or inline six huh? Or for putting an engine on a dyno? The pump on my 95 ej22 is from an 80s Ford pickup truck so yea any old stinkin pump will work with these. Nothing beats carby with block mounted pump. I sucked my in tank filter (sock) into the fuel line once and that bastard was clogged solid... So roadside fuel line replacement? No, tow truck? No. Gas can full of gas and a 32 oz. Gatorade bottle. The rubber line into the pump is right there. Got me about a mile, the bottle fit perfect on the a arm. Drive a bit, stop and refill, repeat. And she got me home that way. The plastic they use for those bottles can handle gasoline.
  3. sparkyboy

    six speed?

    There ya go, i knew one of these crazy cats already had one in an L body
  4. Man i think i have all you bozos beat. I have told this story before but... My first ej22 swap and first top end rebuild on a subaru i mixed up the intake and exhaust valves! I'm sitting there blaming the wiring for my engine running on two cylinders! Lol! Luckily I did a compression test and when i pulled the head i saw something that i must have done drunk, cause i don't remember that! Super luckily this was a clandestine pre-test start because I was so confident that i was going to bring my girlfriend at the time who very reluctantly let me take the ea82 out of "our" project. I would have been in the doghouse had she heard that mess, the ej22 actually revs up pretty smooth on two cylinders! By the doghouse i mean the one in my 77 g10. I came clean in the end and showed her the video. We had a good laugh
  5. sparkyboy

    six speed?

    If you're going that far with the six speed, then what's another few yards with a custom trans tunnel? I like the way you think about beating it first though... Unlifted brat? Six speed? Over the dual range? Come clean man this is for road racing huh? So she's gonna have a cage anyway...
  6. That would be way cool if that works! Why wouldn't it? Why can't subaru distributors use one of those digital boxes like msd to alter the timing? Does it have something to do with the timing changes the computer makes for efi? Ea82t is four wire? The only distributor i have ever messed with was the gm hei for the inline six. Two wires is nice. That distributor is cool, truly no maintenance! I have these old as$ plug wires that work better than new ones lol! They are like 30 years old at least! Forgive my ignorance on most things ea...i wanted to do the ej swap so bad i only got as far as the timing belt...don't worry the engine went to someone not trying to hot rod a damn subaru wagon haha! I'll never scrap one, I'll give it away first. In fact i have some bedtime reading here...more like bedtime, reading
  7. sparkyboy

    EA82T modules wanted

    I suspect the fuel pump is an spfi or something, i had it on a cheap gauge and it read around 36 psi under boost. and i understand she needs around 43.5 (!?) Psi at full boost. My next step would be to get a real boost gauge. Why is it a pain to spool up the turbo with no load? (In n?) That's how i read fuel pressure but i need to tape it to the windshield and recreate the issue and see what the gauge does... Good times man. But i am keeping the flat hood hopefully i can get a bumper mount a t a intercooler! Na ej22 makes more power anyway and i can take my swap stuff off my gl for a quick and dirty swap
  8. sparkyboy

    EA82T modules wanted

    Right. Thanks for the tips boys! Mine is the 85 with the flapper style maf and i tested the two i have for resistance. I did suspect the maf, and i jb welded little cracks. I guess the loyale turbo and xt have a way different intake since the loyale is the hot wire maf. But i will test with a smoke machine before moving forward. I do have the pressure release (bov?) venting to atmosphere instead of back in because I love the psssh sound. Will am aftermarket bov make it extra loud? He hee. This is my first turbo project and would love to boost my ej22 for my xt so i can start wrecking transmissions . Might as well find some turbo pistons lol oh and an lsd or two. I want to slam and autocross my xt on the 13s. But please offer any advice you have to a boost rookie. And i have the fsm, it tells you to "apply shock to the engine" which means smacking with a hammer to test the knock sensor!
  9. sparkyboy

    EA82T modules wanted

    Well, unless the intermittent issue of the car feeling like she hit a wall under high boost and going into limp mode is caused by something else like insufficient fuel pressure. And the knock sensor in the car has been messed with, someone rewired a new one in and i can't confirm if it works by hitting the engine with a hammer. Besides if i break something its ej time she does only have a little over 100,000 miles but she has had a rough life so far.
  10. A lot of the sube guys and e30 guys for that matter carry a spare pump but if this happens again, find a person willing to assist and start smacking the access panel with a fist (side of hand karate chop motion, not a punch with the knuckles) or an open palm, or better yet a rubber mallet while your helper turns the key. If noone is around connect the test mode connectors under the dash (black on obd2?) to cycle the fuel pump thrn go back and start hitting, and praying to Pleiades This trick has worked for almost a full year on a bmw lol! The last time i was on my way to Loveland pass to pick him up because the pump on his 325ix seemed to have finally gave up the ghost. But he called me after 20 minutes of hitting and the old girl got him home. I was all ready to put him up on subaru 4hi game too
  11. Hmmm, mine must be different or hooked up wrong. All i ever get is a steady blinking light when i hook the green connectors together? But i did get a bunch of codes with a scanner that i cleared out and all seems good in the flat world. I seem to recall my 95 and 96 doing the same thing with the cel.
  12. sparkyboy

    are they the same?

    I love those old 70s and 80s hippie repair manuals
  13. sparkyboy

    PROBLEM! 89 GL power surging???

    My camaro did the headlight flickering thing and it was the alternator connection. Does your problem depend on engine rpm? Like if you step on the clutch and rev do your headlights flicker more or less? Mine flickered less with more rpm and dimmed and flickered more at low rpm. My problem actually was a bad positive cable in combination with a shaky alternator connection. Maybe check that if you confirm that the alternator isn't overcharging.
  14. sparkyboy

    my low mileage GL

    Way cool man! With such low miles and arrow straight sedan body what you paid is below market here in CO, yours would be listed for $3 and I'm not kidding. Probably sell for $2500. The 2wd might make a difference here, but i have seen later loyale wagons for sale for around $1500 and those have closer to 200,000 miles, but often beaters, and so much more common than gls, especially sedan. Throw some subs in asap and tape adapter and just mash the gas on those onramps lol! You have about 130,000 miles to go with easy maintanance before most would even consider the ej swap. But there are the resources to keep the L bodies running forever I would just buy another one if you want to go 4 wheeling, but these make great econo boxes for around town. My dad made it over mosquito pass in a 2wd ea81 when i was a kid and that is 4wd only! Oh and thanks for the compliments! For shows, used motor oil makes the bumpers and trim look brand new, even better than commercial tire black.
  15. When you try to start a car with a broken timing belt you get one long whiiiiirrrr sound instead of the rrr-rrr-rrr with the compression sound since there is no resistance from the valvetrain the crank is easy for the starter to turn. And no compression sound cause the valves stay closed As soon as you hear it you will know that something is significantly wrong, and might be accompanied by additional valve smashing if one got bent enough to stay down or broke a piece off, and your engine is newer than 96. FYI Subarus have always been easy to replace fuel pumps on. What you paid is reasonable, but you can buy a new pump and install it yourself for about half if you are into that kinda nonsense. All the soobs i have seen have an access panel (like yours I'm assuming, you didn't specify year) or external pump. I would spend the difference on organic grass fed steaks lol!