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    My favorite Subaru project is my 1986 GL that is currently receiving a 1995 ej22
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  1. sparkyboy

    Ej22 into xt

    My 86 GL
  2. sparkyboy

    Ej22 into xt

    The 85 xt still has her factory ea82t The ej swap was in my 86 GL and to answer your question the engine dropped right in with no modifications I understand the xt is the same frame and suspension setup as the ea82 cars so I'll be happy if the swap goes half as smooth. And I am trying to slap the turbo setup on as quickly and cheaply as possible, I have 2 IHI turbos that came factory on ea82s
  3. I did the ej22 swap into my 86 gl and couldn't be happier...10k miles and murdering jeeps and maximas ha I have a good ej22 -naturally aspirated, for my 85 xt but I would like to put the turbo parts from the ea82 on the ej. I have a crossover pipe that fits the ej ports, can I use the existing up pipe? Can I use the oil pressure gauge sensor to use for oil feed/ I have read that the factory ecu can handle small amounts of boost I plan on keeping boost around 8 or 10 psi, What is the factory boost for the ea81t? that car is a good amount of fun to drive and the ea runs well but stumbles a bit at times...maybe I can find her a new home but I don't imagine there is a ton of demand for this engine, but I did sell my old carb ea82 so who knows? I plan on messing with her a bit more to see if she can get past emissions to get the collectors plates, then I can really take my time with the swap. Thanks for the advice, this is my first turbo project. I would like to eventually lower her for autocross and what not
  4. sparkyboy

    STOLEN 1988 Subaru GL Wagon

    That's good news!
  5. You can install the 2.2 if you have time and/or really want to do it. If the engine physically goes together then you just need to move all the electronics. My concern would be if the ecu from the 95 could send the proper signal to the auto trans? If you had a manual in the ob this would be wham bam. Auto would be pretty gutless too I think the rear diff bolts are the same so you can use the legacy one if necessary. And buy a new clutch and do less burnouts :-) but measure beforehand i guess. Then you have to get the wiring haress from the donor car then you can install the 2.2 into your ob. It's a lot of work and you have to be a little electrically inclined. It's a pain to remove the harness from the car and i must have spent 25 or 30 hours trimming. If you know electronics then maybe 8 hours i would guess. I have an ej22 in my 86 and i trimmed the harness myself. I was at times a bit lost, but that was my first time really getting into electronics. I literally only had prior electrical experience wiring car stereos and it's really like a big stereo mixed with a maze and some wheres waldo sh!t.
  6. If you have time and the weather is suitable for you, remove the thermostat and see if the car functions normal otherwise. And someone can drive it if it's necessary. I have experienced the same thing with my ej22 in my 86. These cooling systems are very sensitive to air bubbles and i found that using a vaccum filler provides the best results, but I have also found that the filling on an incline is effective. Occasionally squeezing the lower and upper hose so you can hear the jiggle valve will help remove any remaining air bubbles. Who puts the thermostat on the bottom like that? I understand the ej is very sensitive about spark plugs as well, ngk only bla bla bla
  7. sparkyboy

    STOLEN 1988 Subaru GL Wagon

    Dirtbags. Who would steal one of those? That body style sticks out like a sore thumb these days, my 86 gl can be spotted a mile away. I feel your pain, my 92 legacy got stolen and she found her way back to me. In fact, her ej22 is in my 86 :-) You will likely see your car again after she sits for a few days.
  8. sparkyboy

    Replacement badges

    If someone makes the square one for the front of the xt i would be one happy dude
  9. The chevy six lug can be drilled for 4 x 140 15" is good for two inch lift +1 on the ej22 swap :-) The 13s work well, my 86 has a 2" lift
  10. A dirty iacv will cause a surging during idle, from about 750-1200 rpm every other second or so but not cause the engine to stall. It's easy to remove and clean. I think you can use any ej maf as long as the plug matches, i am not aware of any diffrences when did they change to map? There must be a procedure to test the maf with a multi meter? I am only familiar with the ea flapper Sounds like she just needs a tune up
  11. sparkyboy

    EA82 distributor and timing

    It is my understanding of the ea82 that if the ground on the intake manifold is no good, then the car will not run. Also, once I replaced an axle and stupidly forgot to connect my engine harness back together. The starter and fuel pump still worked but of course nothing at all. I scratched my head for nearly an hour after that one. This was on my Ej22 swap, but I imagine leaving the ea82 harness unplugged will have similar results. Are you getting any coughs or pops at all?
  12. Man, they were available when I was thinking about buying some, which wasn't all that long ago...I can't seem to find them now
  13. If you aren't getting anything at all it is probably the pos. side cable. Does the horn or radio still work? The exact same thing happened on my xt today ant I was thinking wtf? It's impossible to leave anything on to drain the battery completely with this car. Unlike my chevy van, and 86 GL, which both can have the key removed at any position. Very convienent
  14. S**t I would just delete the power steering. My old 92 legacy felt pretty good p/s delete. I understand looping the lines and modding the rack is pretty easy, but i never went that far. Of course an outback is a bit heavier than a first gen leggo, you didn't mention what car you are installing this engine into. Oh yeah an old ford escort fan belt will drive the alternator. I deleted my ac as well unfortunately, so no idea on that. My first subaru hg attempt was a 2.5 dohc and i just slapped it together cast iron style (the only other one i did at that point was a 70 250 inline six for my camaro) And she blew a hg weeks later because I didn't even use sandpaper on the heads, but the strait edge looked good haha! Then I did it properly and she was good for years. I'm certainly not suggesting that you unwittingly half assed it like me, but why did your other engine blow the hg? Why not do both so you can have a spare engine?
  15. I have never seen an ea82 fail bad enough to need a tow at 60k! not even at 160k My ea82t has over 100k :-)