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  1. sparkyboy

    XT coupe air struts.

    You don't need to store the pics here. Mine has been full for years and you can't empty it. Here is my method: Post your pics anywhere you are comfortable, another forum perhaps, I tend to use facebook because you can post it to yourself but the point of this is to open the pic in a seperate window and copy the url then istead of "choose files" to insert the pics ypu want use "insert other media" and paste the url. Yea screw hosting sites like photobucket they really did hold peoples pics hostage. Don't give them a single pound! @Giles how's the resto been?
  2. sparkyboy

    87 RX sputters

    My 85 xt had some goofy problems with stumbling under high boost, right at 4,500 or 5000 rpm. It was highly intermittent, maybe one out of every 25 full throttle blasts she would hit a total wall and I just about flew through the windshield. Let me ask you this, when the goofiness occured could you pedal through it? I.e. pump the gas to get her revving again? If I kept the pedal steady it was sputter and bucking city for me but a few half throttle to full pumping had her good. Part throttle was never an issue. Once or twice I gave her such a hard time she went into limp mode. I checked a few things, I suspected the knock sensor. The reason was because l absent mindedly put cheap gas in the tank and it seemed to get worse...I checked the tps, basic tune up and no love. Anyway my problem was that my turbo was worn out, so oil was getting past the seal and getting pushed into the engine until the a/f ratio made good combustion impossible and trigger the knock. I never used a resistor to bypass the knock sensor thank god, I would have likely broken my ea82! The previous owner told me that there was low compression, so either cracked head or bad hg. I took her word for it and was going for the epic swan song assplosion cause I have an ej22 standing by, but plieades has other plans. If I would have taken 10 minutes to do a compression check (all good!!!) I would be driving her right now, but I was punished for my insolence in the form of stripping the last nut to remove the turbo. Well now I will finally drop that exhaust and look for cracks. Also my priorities were (still are) substantially backwards, stereo first, wheels next, then the health of the engine. Plus I bought into the hype that the ea82t sucks because of the "low" levels of hp, but if treated more like a torquey inline six you get treated right back. Max torque is quite low in the powerband (181 ft/lbs at 2,800 rpm). Good times man. ^^ This is why vintage sube guys are the coolest around. It's funny, I can't find it now but I typed ea82t into youtube and a few dudes were chasing the same issue. It's like 25 minutes long and was taped on an old camcorder. Nice enough seeming guys, but the dude taping was easily distracted and went outside to get footage of some other old school subes. At the end it seems like you will get an answer, but no love. I left a snotty comment haha! @2K4 STI is that the engine going in? 2 door or 4? Let's see some pics! Cheers on the easy fix!
  3. sparkyboy

    Tire size for Loyale

    Mine are oem from the junkyard, I believe from a sube cause I was all happy, me and then gf just got the 86 and when I showed her she flipped. The aftermarket ones have those rounded edges, I have one on my camaro. But look, these Mustang II covers will fit if the inside part is cut out for the lug nuts!
  4. sparkyboy

    EA82TT !

    Oh ye bastard! Damn right i would have two elbows! How can an intake be split right at the middle? Dual plane spider intake anyone? Anyone look at the chrysler 273 two barrel intake and think that it looks like it would fit an ej engine almost? Cutoff wheel time!
  5. It's all politics, boys. Here in CO in the old days you could buy a car from the jy and you will have a salvage title, so if one does the work, you can have a legal, registered car with a rebuilt from salvage title. Those days are no more and I found out the hard way..I saw a beautiful 1965 corvair van RAMPSIDE! You know, the door that slides back typical van style, but also lowers onto the street so you can push a dolly or cart into the cargo area. Gm flat six in between the front seats, all there. I ran to the manager to see how much...he told me it's no longer possible. Upon the sale to the junkyard, that title and VIN is considered "dead" and there is nothing you can do. I rarely do this, but I dejectedly wandered back to my camaro, put on some nofx and cried tears of sadness and anger. This was nearly a decade ago, I have been involved in local politics since. They changed the collectors vehicle law here briefly to be the most unfair in the entire country (1975 MY and earlier, with a grandfather clause that did not allow transfer of title) I gathered signatures with the question is a DeLorean or Ferrari collectible? Lawmakers say it's not cause it was built in the 80s? Nonsense! The law has been changed. It's 32 years or older now. My new petition is to eliminate the left turn red arrows. I have sat there and waited forever in heavy traffic while people could have gone, but it would have been breaking the law... Am I unreasonable here? If you have the green it should be motherfu**cker YEILD! It would clear up so much congestion, there are simply too many people here now to sit there at a red left turn light while nobody approaches in the opposite direction. People here just wanna get high, shrooms are now decriminalized, so maybe someone not turning left in front of me is a good thing... Sorry for the rant fellas, but if you can buy a car from the junkyard in your state, you are lucky. And count your lucky stars, some states do not allow self serve junkyards. Hoard ej22s!! Keep it up Bennie, we need more like minded people to spread awareness about unfair car laws worldwide!
  6. sparkyboy

    Tire size for Loyale

    These hankook 185/70/13 allowed me and my little red wagon put a stomping on one of germanys best awd sports cars in the snow! Full disclosure: my 86 gl has an ej22 and dual range, but I was laughing maniacally with the bouncing souls maniacal laughter playing. The BMW 325ix stayed in the rearview mirror, speeds nearing 100 mph!
  7. I understand it's a bolt on affair, just a few small things to sort out such as wiring, and having the shifters and hardware. There is a good looking 4 speed d/r in one of my nearby yards. It's $125 plus a 40 core charge. Money well spent imo. Duals are getting scarce. The push button single range is soon gonna be the most common ea trans in the jy. Where are you located? I would love to help. I'm in Colorado
  8. ^^ This would be for automatic awd models only. There is a fuse under the hood to put the car in 2wd only so you can use it to tow a small trailer, or to flat tow the car in an emergency. Key must be in on hence the quickie 14.1v coming from the tow car. For a manual trans the only option to be flat towed without damaging the drivetrain is to remove the driveshaft from the rear diff, but leave the center support in place so the fluid doesn't spill all over. @Hanover Fist you don't have to worry about any of that cause your sube is 4wd=cool. my rv (1978 g30) is wired to charge the deep cycle battery for the 110v converter while the engine is running, I would assume this is common? I only know about duty solenoid c because when I was young and ignorant, new to subarus basically the driveshaft in my mom's beater 99 obw was failing so I drove her for a long time in 2wd. That issue was how I discovered this lovely forum, I promptly replaced the front half of the driveshaft for a $30 junkyard piece...my first independent subaru repair 5 years ago! Duty solenoid c can cause all kinds of awd related havoc if it fails and it requires digging into the trans to fix so I got lucky on that one! Food for thought on the subject of yanking subarus around I guess...if it were me and the v bar gave me problems, a two wheel dolly would be my route, that way the miles on the odometer aren't artificially jacked up! Cheers boys, Happy towing! Go somewhere like CA and enjoy the odd looks. 80s roos are a rare sight there!
  9. sparkyboy

    Scoobs from Spain

    Do you need a roof rack to attach mountain bikes or skis/snowboards to? Here in the US nearly all of the subarus have a rack, (except sports cars like brz and xt) so seeing one "rack delete" is a treat! On the 80s bods at least, they are just sheet metal screws with rubber gaskets to keep rain out. My two gls for comparison on typical roof and rack delete! 86 gl w/ej22 "chilly" 88 gl waiting for ej22 "skye" The 88 was either a stripped down model, (no rear spoiler either!!!) or someone took that stuff and did a bonny job filling the holes in. I love that vivio man, that one is not sold here! cheers man, in my opinion the legacy only looks naked next to your other cool subes with racks!
  10. sparkyboy

    1978 1st Gen Brat Build!

    Give that poor girl the love she deserves I'm from CO, but I have been to texas, (sux BAD!!!) and of all the idiots moving to colorado, them and floridians make me laugh the most stuck in snow with 2wd trucks. No wonder they do awful things like this to a beautiful brat, all you need in texas to off road is monster tires and a diesel engine. No finesse or grace required like in the mountains. Hence this utter nonsense... @BeardedWrenchI'm glad you got her before those turds broke her and scrapped her. Name yet?
  11. sparkyboy

    Scoobs from Spain

    Working on old school subarus off grid is real life movie s**t. Skynet nor aliens (govt?) would be of any concern! I love subarus, for me its 80s bodies with factory turbo or ej22 or nothing at all. Not even a loyale! One exception: first gen legacy cheers man, welcome to the forum you guys seem like cool cats My subes: 86 gl w/ej22 85 xt turbo getting ej22t 88 gl getting ej22(t?)
  12. The L body subarus have a reputation for goofy camber because it's very easy to get a 2" "lift" you can just about do it with a stack of washers on the strut towers and pieces of wood between the body and subframe. That causes a cambered out duck toe look. I knew a guy years ago that pulled a factory ride height loyale behind an rv with a v bar and he had no complaints. I'll say this, my 86 gl has a "chintzy" 2" homemade lift with hardware store brackets and I have no problems, steering wise. Mine is also power steering delete, but I have no problems with the front wheels returning to center. I'm fact under heavy throttle it whips back too quickly if I am careless with my grip unless one of my tires loses traction. Open diff up front you see! Isn't the wheels not returning to center during towing a common problem on awd cars only? Now those are a pita to tow behind, you have to disconnect the driveshaft, or connect the stupid battery to your rv alternator to put the 2wd fuse in if equipped, but that will wear out duty solenoid c? I digress... Yea, keep it old school, Happy travels! @Crossthread Ed I love the handle, is there a story behind it?
  13. Bro I love that! Homemade rack to support the maf? Wiring everywhere and the distinctive sound letting all the neighbors know that the world is flat And just purring like yea brumby time fools hurry up and install me. Hauls azz what's the front posi situation? Boost for the brumby? The mullet chops are legit man, the hairstyle would suggest more than 2 ej swaps in 10 years! I'll say this about my experience with the ej swap on my 86 gl three years ago, my Subaru and efi game were lightweight. I was glad to have a donor car, but the days of the cheap donor car running are coming to an end. Good thing they built piles of these things, so in sube heavy areas here in the US finding a crashed one or junkyard engine is a piece of cake still. The first gen legacys haven't bottomed out yet because of the large production, and crappy grocery getter reputation, but they will be hot like the early integrals and 3rd gen f bodies. All it takes is a few gorgeous builds like some of these dudes ss and touring wagon builds, and the sema preview shows several mullet camaro. For anyone with an L body just please buy an ej and put it somewhere if you are an ea purist. Then years later you can take your ea81 with Weber to buy another sube with a broken ea82 to slap the ej in. If sube are scarce this swap involves little monkeying with the factory wiring, just the wiring for the gauges is needed, so putting the ea back in all polished like a jewel with turbo relocation kit for your attempt at best of show would be a bolt on affair.
  14. sparkyboy

    Bogging in forward gears

    Ummm...if she bogged in reverse I would suggest timing or too quick an advance...I don't think ignition advance is adjustable on these though? Are all the vacuum lines in order? I would think the advance might be vaccum related on these. I would start with that then maybe look at fuel pressure? Good luck man, let us know!