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  1. Turkeyberry

    EA 82 twin carbs been done?

    I too run a dual 38 and it's fun especially on highway stretches and anywhere you can let it go and just floor it
  2. Ah so they have differnt steering knuckles too huh? I didnt find that info anywhere online, I found a remanned rack with rod ends for about 200 shipped so I think I'll stay with power for ease of changing it out and less down time, I daily this car so thanks again for sending me down the right road.
  3. Hi all, question, I have a 85 ea82 Subaru GL wagon 4wd 5 speed manual dual range. Rack is leaking badly, was looking to rebuild or replace but I found a manual rack for a good deal. I personally dont mind manual steering, also I drive/live on the farm and on dirt roads everyday. The only pavement driving is literally the highway in to town to change water lines on the hay fields and then I would say it's only about 30% of my driving. I like the idea of having a sealed rack with less to go wrong on. My only question is can the joints be modified to fit easily or am I better off finding the right steering shaft? I know the u joint attachment is differnt between the racks I just haven't seen the specific types of joints. Thanks all for your knowledge and advice!
  4. Turkeyberry

    Oil leak on BRAT Power Steering

    How was it to remove the rack? I also have a leak on my GL driver side. Seems to be inner rod. Is it easy enough to do under the car? Haven't had time to look much.
  5. So long story short, carb swap, crap adapter, coolant leak in to intake, white smoke, turn off, order one piece transdapt adapter, waiting, oil change, check oil, coolant in oil?! Very light amount, chocolate milk but more oil than coolant also no oil in the coolant/radiator. So before this no issues, had fresh coolant, no leaks no over heats, my question is would this be from the carb mess up? If so any recommendations on cleaning it out besides multiple oil changes? Thanks all!! adapter will be here tomorrow. . Now I wait..
  6. Thank you for the replies! I capped all. And it ran fine.
  7. Turkeyberry

    ea81 weber conversion

    You'll need Vac lines connected to the accumulator bottle (passenger side under windshield bottle shaped thing) for A/C buttons on dash to work I believe. I dont know if there is more.
  8. As the title states I have questions regarding some ports/lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm almost done with my 38/38 synchronous swap(regrind cams next). A few notes, distributor vacuum advance is already plugged to Carb with a direct hose. All emissions stuff is/will be removed. I haven't had much luck looking up specific diagrams so these questions remain. This forum has been so useful in helping me get this far. Once I sort these I'll be back on the road! pic 1: fuel line is 1, has filter. 2 is return I guess? 3? Was plugged with this when i got it, had to tow it home, carb was jacked up, manual choke swap[cold weather up here] got it running but secondary wouldn't work properly, and other issues. As well as all sorts of weird stuff going on with lines like this Pic 2 No idea on these? Can I plug them all? Pic 3 same on these 2 Pic 4 little guy hiding here. Last one... what mess. Cap em all? Okay okay I'll show you all now... 1985 GL wagon EA82 5 speed manual dual range.. Thanks again for the help!!
  9. Okay here are pictures of my 1985 GL wagon. I'm in the US, Omak, Washington and this is a USDM car. Driver side mirror Passenger side mirror Passenger side door inside Driver side door inside Sorry for the late response got home late John
  10. Turkeyberry

    1991 XT6 won’t idle, runs rough

    I guess it's time for recurring nightmares Nice XT!! Great color, any updates?
  11. I have a 85 GL wagon and my panel looks exactly like yours I'll post a picture in a bit. Do you have a picture of the 85 panels you are looking for? I could model mine and 3d print a set it would take time mostly but would be "new" and not expensive. Depending on if they are what you are looking for or not.
  12. Are we talking about the top brown part that has the door lock on it? Or the part the is attached on the fabric part next to the window handle. I have an 85 and might be able to help depending on what part you need
  13. Turkeyberry

    Heater core location issues...

    Try this site Car-part.com You can search local yards and even call and see if you could have them ship. Would a heater core from a 91 legacy fit? I have a 91 leg wagon that I'm parting out. Heater core worked fine for the 2 years I drove it.
  14. Turkeyberry

    1985 GL EA82 manual choke swap

    So got a Weber they might want to sell? I think this carb has other issues. I cant get it to idle below 1000 and sometimes it jumps to 1200 or 1500 for a bit. I dont have all the parts off my donor Legacy to do my 2.2 swap yet and it'll most likely be done during winter. I was planning doing on going through and doing timing job, cap, rotor, plugs, gaskets, and getting winter tires after getting the carb right. still doesn't want to idle right and sometimes till just die when i come to a stop and i have to pump to get it to restart. other than that it runs like a top at 5k even going up the hill in 3rd with no fuel issues while driving. only stopped and idling. i figure i can run the motor until i have everything together to do the 2.2 swap and it would nice to have a good running ea82 on the shelf for a rainy day. Thanks everyone
  15. Turkeyberry

    I might have a blown fuse?

    Possibly, on these old cars there can be a few that are hidden and waiting to short, good job chasing that one down and repairing it. Have you taken off the driver's side door and looked to see if you could find the smoke origin yet?