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  1. Turkeyberry

    Heater core location issues...

    Try this site Car-part.com You can search local yards and even call and see if you could have them ship. Would a heater core from a 91 legacy fit? I have a 91 leg wagon that I'm parting out. Heater core worked fine for the 2 years I drove it.
  2. Turkeyberry

    1985 GL EA82 manual choke swap

    So got a Weber they might want to sell? I think this carb has other issues. I cant get it to idle below 1000 and sometimes it jumps to 1200 or 1500 for a bit. I dont have all the parts off my donor Legacy to do my 2.2 swap yet and it'll most likely be done during winter. I was planning doing on going through and doing timing job, cap, rotor, plugs, gaskets, and getting winter tires after getting the carb right. still doesn't want to idle right and sometimes till just die when i come to a stop and i have to pump to get it to restart. other than that it runs like a top at 5k even going up the hill in 3rd with no fuel issues while driving. only stopped and idling. i figure i can run the motor until i have everything together to do the 2.2 swap and it would nice to have a good running ea82 on the shelf for a rainy day. Thanks everyone
  3. Turkeyberry

    I might have a blown fuse?

    Possibly, on these old cars there can be a few that are hidden and waiting to short, good job chasing that one down and repairing it. Have you taken off the driver's side door and looked to see if you could find the smoke origin yet?
  4. Turkeyberry

    87 EA82 won't start

    Check ignition fuse. I had this happen to my car was fine then cut out and wouldnt do anything some how that fuse blew while I was messing under the hood with trying to get it started. Still dont know how it happend but has been fine since I swapped the fuse and no issues
  5. Turkeyberry

    I might have a blown fuse?

    Sounds like it could be a short somewhere. That would cause the smoke and yes most likely end up with a blown fuse. Check for any wires that are cut, or have plastic missing. Also any wires that could be rubbing up against sharp metal edges. Just use some electrical tape to cover open ends that you find, and check fuses for windows and others.
  6. Turkeyberry

    1985 GL EA82 manual choke swap

    Alright then. Thank you both, this will give me a better idea. It's at about 1000 now. Will mess with it tomorrow morning. Do these ea82s have trouble going up pretty steep grades? I have two on my way home. Drove to town 60 all the way(down hill), on the way 45-55 max at like 4k in 3rd I have a stick, it's a 5 speed D/R, cant wait to swap, doing a fresh rebuild on an ej22. And then itll go in.
  7. Turkeyberry

    1985 GL EA82 manual choke swap

    Question what should idle sit at when warmed up? 800? Thanks
  8. Turkeyberry

    1985 GL EA82 manual choke swap

    Alright here's how it looks now. Figured out photo hosting. Choke on Choke off Under the hood (will need to route it a bit neater, but it works for now) At the firewall At the carb, I tried using the attachment on the arm but it wouldn't tighten up to hold the small wire so I looped it through and around the arm for now Under the dash to the right of the colum was a hole the I used A few other install pics The GL wagon is back in the road and saved from the junkyard!!! Let me know if anyone has questions or comments! I used the Dorman manual choke kit with the 9 ft cable I cut off about 3 feet and still need to cut more after re routing.
  9. Hi everyone, new here. Got a 85 gl wagon with a ea 82. It was running but not well wouldn't start easily. Turns out the choke was no good. After reasech here I decided to go manual for now till I ej22 swap. Use factory choke hole to the left of the steering wheel and opening in firewall. Now it starts and after warming up I can open it up and itll idle and now I can drive it! Yay. I will upload pictures.