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  1. would be cool to see pics of the wagon maybe go out sometime do some wheelin

  2. Hooked up some yellow harbor freight fogs. They work better than i thought they would.
  3. Kartier

    Northwest folks.

    Portland/Gresham OREGON!
  4. Kartier

    If ya had an extra $500...

    I'm rolling around with 235/75 r15 on re-drilled 6 lug toyota wheels with no lift and the ea82. There is lots of hammering and fender cutting to get them not to rub though.. But she does just fine wheeling (snow and mud) and driving around town/freeway. If your going to keep with the ea82 i'd say re-seal and tune it up or else it will just give you a headache and a half.
  5. Kartier

    Tire sizes 88 GL

    i love it! looks really good and clean. What wheels are those?
  6. thanks for all your help. i managed to find a good used one! i'm not sure why though, but when i went to start my car today, it fired right up! yesterday it wouldn't start at all... but right now its running rough.... so im going to check the timing and disty right now. its a good thing there are about a billion posts about ea82's timing on usmb! haha kartier
  7. well the car isn't running at the moment.. so i don't know if the light is on or not.. the only light that has been on is the EGR even though i've replaced that. i just did a headgasket job and finally got it running till the battery died. just got a battery today but since i've broken off the nipples for the 2 hoses that connect to this solenoid, it doesnt want to start up.. so i'm guessing this might be why it doesn't want to start? or i have another problem on my hands. I'm going to go look around some junk yards tomorrow and hopefully find one, replace it and hope she fires up.
  8. so i was changing my cap and rotor and broke both hoses off of whatever this thing is somehow... anyone know what it is or does? 86 DL wagon ea82 carb if anyone wanted to know
  9. just do a search in the off road section, there are plenty that i have found. I am in the process of making one for my 86 DL along with rear bumper and a skid plate so if i finish soon ill put up some pictures.
  10. Kartier

    88 EA82 Wagon Won't Start

    sounds like a blown headgasket to me! i just did my headgaskets but now its not starting.. timingbelts are good and the timings correct but i think the disty is off? maybe no spark.. not sure yet..
  11. thats a sick brat you've got there! i finally figured out what i want to do for bumpers, also an awesome skid plate idea. ill post pictures when i'm finished. kartier
  12. i'm wanting to build front and rear bumpers for my wagon but i can't decide on the design of them... throw some ideas at me please! i'm thinking, tube(s), clean looking, light weight. thanks! kartier
  13. Kartier

    Loss of power 86 ea82

    check your timing. something like this happened to me a couple months ago. figured out i skipped a tooth. lined it all back up and wala! runs like a champ! hope this helps! kartier
  14. i'll check the cat and see how its doing, i've been thinking about rebuilding the carb, but i would rather just get a weber.. too bad i dont have the money for that.. i havent noticed any leaks or clogs anywhere but ill keep lookin around. thanks for all the info and help kartier
  15. well, i changed out my egr, adjusted the ignition timing, and new spark plugs, and dribbled small amouts of water into the carb to get rid of some of the carbon ( read about that from some machanic dude ) the rattle is gone and most of the power is back. so you can try some of those ideas. im also thinking about doing the seafoam so ill let you know what happens with that. right now i am in the process of changing out the head gaskets since 1 or both are blown. i'll keep you updated if i find any other things that could be the problem and help out.