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  1. Richie:


    Lynn & Ken here. Do you or your Dad have a dealers license? Curious as we need to get an estimate of what a 83 Subie Wagon is worth - know we had talked to your dad and he said he was working on one at the time and after his work would sell it for around $2 k. Ken is involved in a lawsuit (his car was destroyed by a Chevy truck) and his attorney needs to get info from someone with a dealers license. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated.





  2. Richie:


    I see registration has closed. Sent a check for reg for 2 cars and camping and it still hasn't been cashed. Don't remember the person's name I mailed to just that it was in Mount Lake Terrace WA or something like that. Do you know who I might contact to see if the check and registration info was received?





  3. do you have a web site with your business? If so please PM me back with the site.

    Thanks Scott

  4. richierich

    EA81T Hardtop Decisions

    As a EA81T aficionado like Rob, my suggest would be the same as his. Modification that are removable and do not harm the integrity of the vehicle and that are reversible are acceptable. Cutting fenders to install bigger tires probably would hurt he value. Unfortunately, it is never going to be a REALLY valuable Shelby Cobra, so you should just enjoy it and keep all the parts you take off.
  5. richierich

    What's an '86 BRAT worth?

    I am the owner of over 5 Subaru BRATs and if it is not rusty it is worth $500 any day of the week. Hell a good rear tailgate goes for over $400 on Ebay. If it is not worth fixing part it out.
  6. Because we ran out of a few sizes we opened ordering of shirts up and then we were going to post order them. But in the hecticness of closing down the show, getting ready to move and stuff we have seem to lost the sheet that said who post- ordered and their addresses. Know people on the list Turbone Monica Tex If you have already paid and would like to receive your shirt we need you to email me @ richie@fixmysuby.com. Would like to put a final order in Monday. Also if you would still like to get a shirt, you can pay by paypal and get them ordered til Monday (more info in previous posts or email me)
  7. Shirt set up expensive, the only way to make it cost effective is to sell a lot of them like we do at the show. We probably won't make money on these extra shirts that we order but we want everyone that was at the show that wants one to get one. We ran out of Med and Small very early.
  8. Because of the Great Attendance of this year show we ran out of shirts!!! (I think for the first time since I been helping sell them) We are going to reopen shirt sales and keep it open for a few weeks and then submit our order and then ship them out to you!!!! If you attended the show you saw that it has all the previous locations on it. If you were unable to attend this show but have been to some of the previous ones, it would be a nice shirt to have to show people which ones you have been to. Shirt Sale are $12 and include shipping. (small donation for paypal or shipping gladly accepted) You can also ADD stickers for $1 each. OR You can buy stickers, 5 for $4 dollars. (including shipping) We also have shirts from previous show for $4 dollars (must buy WCSS 11 shirt for free shipping) WCSS 8 Light Grey Long Sleeve Oregon "License Plate" Shirt XL 1 L 8 WCSS 9 White Long Sleeve 2XL 2 XL 7 L 2 S 1 WCSS 10 White Short Sleeve XL 3 L 1 WCSS 10 Medium Grey Short Sleeve "I Was There" (still would make a good work shirt cuz it is a little darker, even if you did not come $4 for a shirt is a good deal) 2XL 3 XL 8 L 8 Thanks for Shopping.
  9. Pre-buy is through the 21st. So get your orders in!!!!
  10. Yes, you are invited!!! More Subaru Powered Toys the better!!!
  11. Real glass with etching like we have done the last few years. Good Question.
  12. If you are planning on attending and don't make it we can be accommodating.
  13. See Separate Thread for details.
  14. Here is our pre-sale of shirts and beer glasses. SHIRTS Here is the shirt design : Subaru Blue w/ WCSS 11 on Front and location of all past show on the back. Going to be a must have if you have been to a lot of shows. They are going to be $12 . We are going to be ordering the following sizes Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge We recommend you pre-order especially if you are a small, medium or an XXLarge as those shirts usually sell the fastest. But it also frees up your money at the show to spend on other activities and raffle tickets, etc. If you need an XXXLarge please let me know by Friday the 15th. ( I need to check on pricing) BEER GLASSES Here is the design: They are the blow out price of $5 dollars, if you want get one of these please pre-order as we expect them to sell fast @ the show. These are blue glass, not plastic and will be etched with white logo as seen above. PACKAGE SPECIAL Order in 3 items and get $2 off. So 2 shirts and a beer glass is $27 (12+12+5-2=27) A shirt and two beer glasses are $20. This offer is only valid on pre-order. As we are running out of time we will be using paypal exclusively for pre-order. You can post here, but when you pay please let me know Size, quanitity of each item, your real name and your usmb name. My paypal is richie@fixmysuby.com These items are for people attending the West Coast Subaru Show, all items are to be picked up at the West Coast Subaru Show, if you are unable to attend then maybe a friend can buy and pick up items for you. Sometimes, we have items left over after the show, but not guaranteed so we recommend you pre-order to guarantee the sizes/quanitity you request.