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  1. Ive been having that same issue with my 99 legacy SUS. I changed the coil, ignitor, plugs and wires. Th issue for me end up being the oil pack. I mixed and matched between my old ones and new ones and thats what i foubd. Hope yours is as simple as mine was
  2. I would have him swap it out but being its my dd I can't really go without. I've checked all the electrical connections and they all seem to be in place and snug. All of the lights do work and none are up. Hah I usually don't but i do like to play a bit.
  3. lol I had the car running when checking it, this isnt my first rodeo with transmissions. I thought myself that it could have been underfilled but after rechecking multiple times ive found that its not the case.
  4. After having the engine rebuilt, the guy who done the work never hooked up the tranny cooler so the fluid leaked all out. i drove it maybe 10 miles before i noticed the tranny acting weird. i immediately fixed the line and refilled with correct tranny fluid but now it shifts hard into 2nd and when held to the wood, it wont shift at all, just slips at about 6,000 RPM. Screwed tranny?
  5. Just out of curiosity, if i remove the cat and the resonator before the O2 sensor will it cause it to throw a code? The exhaust has a bad leak at the cat so I was figuring I'd delete them altogether.
  6. branbikenut1

    99 dohc 2.5 injectors

    That's kind of what I figured. Does anyone make a slightly larger injector for them though? I'm picking up a mildly built ej25d and figured that might be a good add on since it's already had some work done and I already planned on getting a tune.
  7. branbikenut1

    99 dohc 2.5 injectors

    I read somewhere that you can pull the injectors from a certain year sti and swap them into a DOHC 2.5. Can anybody else confirm this? And if so what year range sti should I look for?
  8. I couldn't really find any information on here but has anyone had any luck with the Fel-Pro MLS headgaskets? I did some looking around and alot of people say that the MLS design is what i should be looking for, which from what i've read is what the OEM corrected gaskets are made of. Just hoping someone else has had a good experience with these. I Know i should be buying OEM but thats not exactly an option at the moment. :/
  9. Still interested in the lift? I

    Tyler 503-312-2527

  10. branbikenut1

    '92 loyale 4x4 wagon build

    made the decision today, the wagons gunna be stripped down and scrapped. kinda hurts me to say it cuz I love this car but its costing me too much money to keep it alive. its about time for something a bit more reliable
  11. branbikenut1

    1994 Subaru Loyale

    Nice Loyale! Ive got a 92 and absolutely love it. Mine has over 230,000 miles and still climbing. Take care of that car and it'll last you forever. As others have said, this forum will inform you on literally anything you need to know. You can check out my thread sometime for some ideas. TheLoyale also has a really good thread. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=135660 my thread http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=121283 TheLoyales's thread
  12. branbikenut1

    '92 loyale 4x4 wagon build

    I bought them through JC Whitney. about $37 a piece. ya, I just typed th in the info for the car and that'd one pf the first that popped up.
  13. branbikenut1

    '92 loyale 4x4 wagon build

    Did some work the the Wonder Wagon last weekend. Put some new shocks on it, KYB GR-2. I LOVE them. I didnt realize my old ones were so bad, these boosted the rear nearly 2-2.5 inches. No rubbing anymore! My home made spring compressor, kinda sketchy but worked.
  14. Thanks again everyone. Im currently in the hunt for a 2.2. As for the 2.5, i might just rebuilt it and swap it into my loyale for my play toy. I found a 96 auto 2.2 and the guy said he also has a set of dual port heads off of a 95, will those swap over without issues?