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  1. ScoobyDoo1061

    Swap Heads 90 2.2 to a 96 legacy Block?

    Thanks for reply No egr issues here, just checking see if any block/compression ratio and clearance issues exist and if someone actually has had success doing what am considering. Thanks Again
  2. Anyone see any problem doing this? Have a decent 96 ej22 short block and good 90 Heads on Legacy 2.2 Former (90) block evidently cooked by previous owner Going into 90 Legacy Any feedback would be helpful Thanks Guys
  3. Picked up cats today, is same as off 2.2, main difference, has extra Ox sensor hole in back cat AND is One piece verses two separate cats...should be a shoe in fit to install.. Thanks Again to all who assisted me in this endeavor
  4. Thanks to all that have responded...This board is full of Good people and Mechanics with knowledge that helps in situations like this. Based upon information given here, going to purchase and get my Soobie back on road, hopefully this week. Again, Thanks Guys, Have a Safe and Enjoyable Summer!!
  5. Hey Guys Have an 96 Legacy Outback 2.2 Cat from an 2.5 available new Interchangable? Hope one or some of you guys might shed some light on catalytic converters fit/compatability from an 96 Legacy Outback 2.2 to an 2.5.. Have one available cheap that is from an 2.5 engine, looks same, I know have to modify with adding a flange and probably extending second cat wire to reach front....or possibly drill a second sensor hole in first cat, have my brother weld mounting for sensor Guess what am asking is if anyone ever did a swap that worked, even see foresters cats available...just go against my grain to pay for a new one... Thanks Guys
  6. No prob. man..Likewise..:)

  7. Thanks for tip...found one locally...Happy New Year

  8. Have you tried local junk yards.... they can usually be had for pretty cheap there...

  9. Hey there!


    Looking for MAF sensor today for my 96 2.2 outback, if happen to have one, et me know asap.



  10. Looking desperatly today, for a MAF sensor to get my dead 96 Outback 2.2 going again..If can help this matter, please get back to me asap.



  11. Dennis,


    Happen to be around, and have a MAF sensor 2.2 96 Legacy outback..car down need asap..Thanks Jeff

  12. Looking for a MAF sensor today, happen to have one handy? Thanks

  13. happen to have an MAF sensor (2.2 Legacy, any 90's should work) can buy today?

  14. Hey All Subaru ians...This board is Great..Thanks All Am Considering Engine Swap, from 2.5 to a 2.2, how & what is all involved. Could use some info/links to read in order to see if able to do this successfully. Any/All info greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advanced
  15. It is a full Outback, not impreza...Car is in Washingtons Crossing/Newtown area..near Trenton NJ more/less