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  1. I got a deal on a front axle conversion kit with a front axle and pumpkin to boot, so it looks like this thing will be a full solid axle build. Unfortunately that's gonna keep it off the road for a couple extra days. Getting super close to having this thing be road worthy though, I'll post some more pictures after the new year
  2. Damn it's been a while yall. Figured I would update this thing since I'm doing some actual work to the BRAT. Decided to ditch the Subaru engine and transmission part of the BRAT and go full Toyota frame, engine and tranny swap. Still a work in progress and am nowhere near done with placement or framework, but here are some pics from today.
  3. Ej22 with a 5 speed d/r currently. I know the welded center diff on an ej22 trans isn't the best but it's very available if and when it breaks. Plus I want real suspension. I've read through that thread a few times, he's using the Toyota body as well so I feel like it would be a little bit of a different fit?
  4. I'm not out to make boat loads of power. Basically just want something that looks rad, is functional, and is mostly subaru.
  5. I like Subaru engines. I know them pretty well at this point, and can fix just about anything that breaks on them. I also know Toyota's but have mainly worked on their suspension in the past. Figured I could blend both worlds
  6. So I'm toying with the idea of getting rid of my D/R 5 speed and using an EJ 5 speed with a welded diff and then adding a transfer case. I'm already in the process of throwing my BRAT on a Toyota frame (I really don't care that you think it's ugly) so it would be getting a transfer case no matter what. I feel like I would be gaining a better clutch, and also far more replacements if it ever craps the bed. I know i would be losing my ultra low gearing but I think a better range of replacements are worth the trade off, since these GL's are getting harder and harder to find. Has anyone done this before? If so How well has it been working? I searched the site and have only found people asking questions kind of pertaining to this but not fully asking or even doing it.
  7. So please correct me if I'm wrong, but the early FWD impreza/legacys had the same spline count as the ea71 wagon. So would it basically be just a drop in and hook up scenario, besides obvious ej swap spoob (wiring, fuel lines, ect.)?
  8. sumoco

    Honda springs on a Brat

    all of your picture links seem to be broken M8. Any chance you have some pics or a thread showing how you put the rear ea82 suspension in?
  9. sumoco

    1978 Subaru Brat

    Give me those sweet sweet updates, Rusty.
  10. So i had one made for my 6 inch lifted BRAT but I think I had ADF make it too long and it was super jumpy and finally stripped out while I was driving down the road the other day. Does anyone have one laying around I could buy or could someone help me determine the length of the extension needed.
  11. Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.