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  1. sumoco

    Mid mount Brat racer

    anymore updates on this beaut?
  2. Dude I scored both the front and back for like 60 bucks a few years back. So stoked on how it looks.
  3. sumoco

    Nookie: The Ruined BRAT

  4. sumoco

    Nookie: The Ruined BRAT

    Before everyone loses their minds about me chopping this thing up, this brat is a giant heap of rust and would of been sent to a scrap yard if I didn't start this project. This is not the BRAT that is getting put on a Toyota frame, this is my parts car that I bought for 300 bucks Nookie is no where near finished, but figured I should start documenting this monstrosity. Suspension: Nothing. Reclocked torsion bar with no springs in the front, Engine: ea81 Wheels:15x10 steelies with 185/60 tires stretched across them and 2 inch wheel spacers rammed on. Body kit: VW Cabriolet big bumper. "custom" Beer Keg Fender Flares
  5. Hey everyone, trying to find someone in the Portland area who widens steel wheels. I know it's not recommended, but am working on a second brat project that isn't going to see much power and is mainly just going for the ridiculous factor. Fully willing to sign a waiver releasing any liability to whoever widens them.
  6. I got a deal on a front axle conversion kit with a front axle and pumpkin to boot, so it looks like this thing will be a full solid axle build. Unfortunately that's gonna keep it off the road for a couple extra days. Getting super close to having this thing be road worthy though, I'll post some more pictures after the new year
  7. Damn it's been a while yall. Figured I would update this thing since I'm doing some actual work to the BRAT. Decided to ditch the Subaru engine and transmission part of the BRAT and go full Toyota frame, engine and tranny swap. Still a work in progress and am nowhere near done with placement or framework, but here are some pics from today.