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  1. I just recently totaled my 2001 Impreza Outback Sport. I'm looking to buy another used one, but don't really know much about the history of the car (or any cars for that matter). I've gotten a feeling that there are maybe more problems and recalls w/ the 02/03 models...? Is this true? It seems like the body style was basically the same from the beginning through 2001, then they only did the "bug eye" model for two years - 02-03. I like the 04-06 too. There seem to be a lot of 02s and 03s for sale, as well as lots of 90s ones, but I can't find ANY 2001s that are in good condition. Is there a reason for that? Were there less made? Is it a more popular version? Are there major differences in the engine between all these years? Known problems or recalls? Anyway, my budget is around $8000. Pretty sure I want another Impreza Outback Sport, but not sure which is the most reliable in that budget. I would rather buy an older one that's got a better reputation than a more recent one that's got a bad history. Any opinions? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the tips everyone! Just to confirm - Yes, I will get $4500 from insurance if THEY take the car. But I can buy the car back from them for about $600. So, I still get $3900 AND I get to keep the car. I've gotten two quotes from wrecking yards. One offered $500, and one offered $1000. I put the car on Craigslist for $1800 and have been getting some bites. Also, I realize I could probably get the car fixed for under $3900, but I bought the car less than 2 years ago and paid about $7000. If I fix the car it will have a rebuilt title and it won't be worth anything. I wouldn't care that much if I had had the car for 10 years, but I feel like I need to recoup on this as much as possible since I bought it so recently. I just feel better about moving on and getting another clean title car.
  3. Hi, I recently totaled my 2001 Impreza Outback Sport. Before accident it would have been "Very Good" by KBB description. Both interior and exterior had only minor wear that could only be seen up close. Never had any major mechanical issues, tires were new about 14,000 miles ago. I took it in for regular maintenance every 3000. Brakes were still at 60-70%. It was all stock, no additions, nothing missing, orig cassette deck/radio, orig mats, cargo cover and liner, spare tire, jack, etc. It has 142,000 miles on it now. The accident: spun out on some ice and front of car hit cement barrier. Front bumper, one headlight, and passenger fender are the only visual things that got hit, but there is probably interior damage. Insurance declares it a total loss. Auto shop estimate to fix was $2400. Insurance repair estimate was $3600, they valued the car at $4500. Car starts and runs like nothing happened, but the front tires are rubbing against something when you turn the wheel. I don't want to drive an uninsured salvage or rebuilt title car, so I'm going to take the partial payment from insurance and sell the totaled (unrepaired) car to a private party or mechanic, etc. Any ideas on how much I should expect or try to get for this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading!!
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