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  1. The head piece on the governor was wallard out took it down to the local machine shop and they sleeved it to fit. lot easier than trying to find a replacement. I found one tranny within 600 miles of Rapid City SD. and they wanted to pay for the whole transmission for 2 parts.
  2. 54Bravo

    Parts swap question trans mission

    Well got my answer from an old school sooby dude from LKQ they wont match.
  3. Can anyone tell me if a governor off the electronic 3AT will fit a3AT tranny. I have an early 70s through late 80s trike that's powered by this particular drive train. I went to the local Sooby dealer to ask. They told me to wait 10 min. till the techs got back and I could ask one before they started. I wound up waiting an hour then the service guy came out and said all the guys were busy. I was told I'd have to make an appointment and pay the minimum labor charge. Guess who's not going to buy his next car from.
  4. 54Bravo

    Soob trike

    As soon as I figure out how to place a whole album I'll post pics from Salvage yard find to completion. I'm not your most savvy tech old fart. Cooling fan came in today but it's supposed to rain until Monday.
  5. 54Bravo

    Soob trike

    Now why would I do that when I can go to Sturgis. It's forty miles away! lol
  6. When my transmission is in low, it's in low. When it's in second it'll shift from 1st to 2nd. In drive it's in low. Could it be the kick down switch on the pedal? Because it doesn't have one, the throttle is on the handlebars attached to a Kawasaki front end. Or could it be something internal. This is not in a car it's in a trike. Any help will be appreciated. The radiator is out of an MGB.
  7. 54Bravo


    Well here it is 99% finished. Frankintrike has a 1.6 and auto trans out of a 77 Leone. Only problem I have is when it's in first, it's in first. When it's in second it shifts from 1st to 2nd. When it's in drive it's in 1st. Not sure whats wrong with it.
  8. New to forum, I have a 1977 Subaru 1.6 W/auto out of a Leone, in a trike.