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  1. We are using the proper plugs and testing it properly. The fact that we are not getting spark and have a signal is what is confusing us. We have even swapped coils to eliminate possibly a bad coil.
  2. The original ej20 did not have avcs the new engine does but we are not utilizing it. We are using all of the original engine components on the new long block. We are using a bracket to locate the cam sensor in the original location we verified that the two trigger points on the back of the drivers side intake cam sprocket are identical to the original sprocket.Crank gear part numbers are identical between engines. Timing marks are all lined up the belt was pre installed. this is a ATK reman longblock. Also we do have an injection pulse.
  3. We are using all of the original ej205 components,electronics etc vehicle ran ok before swap just had a bad rod knock. We do have power and ground to coils and also are getting a signal to coil but not sure if it is correct in voltage or frequency. Wondering if anyone else has done a similar swap and had this issue or is familiar with possible differences in cam or crank gears that may cause this issue.
  4. I'm starting a thread about an issue I'm having and to see what suggestions anyone might have. We just swapped over the engine in a 2005 Saabaru 92x aero. The original engine was a ej205. The replacement engine is a reman ej255 long block unit from ATk for a 2005 wrx application.. We swapped over all of the components from the old engine with some minor modifications. We are using the ej255 heads and blocked off the cam sensor holes and avcs holes as we are not utilizing that system. We relocated the cam sensor back into the original location on the driver side head with an aftermarket bracket. The problem we are having now is that we have a no spark condition. We are getting an injection pulse and also a pulse to the ignition coil but no spark. Not sure of what amount of voltage I should be getting for a signal. We verified power and ground to coils. We verified on the back of the cam gear that the trigger points are identical to the old 2.0l cam gear amount of teeth etc. We verified that the crank gear also looked the same and had the same amount of teeth. Factory part numbers are the same for the crank gear for the two engines. We also checked timing belt marks verified everything lined up properly. I'm kind of at a loss here now any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.