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  1. oczuk32

    Valve cover grommet?

    Since Im still in the oil seal department does the front differential cv joint connection have directional oil seals? And if they do, what would be the part number.
  2. oczuk32

    Valve cover grommet?

    Got them. Thanks guys.
  3. oczuk32

    Valve cover grommet?

    I went to two dealerships and they were clueless. Found some on eBay, lets see if they work by modifying them a bit.
  4. So I'm searching for a valve cover grommet for my 84 Subaru wagon online but keeps coming up with newer subarus vehicles. Are they interchangeable?
  5. I see. Does your electric fan stay in for a long period or shuts off after couple minutes. My fan stays on for a while and with 80F ambient weather.. I will do flush on Saturday and see how it goes. Thanks
  6. So I made a temporary coolant reservoir and top off the radiator to the cap. Drove the wagon for a bit release the pressure to get the bubbles out of the hose. Still running hot. Even the electric fan is staying on for longer periods. When I open the cap to see whats going inside. I dont see any flow or resemblance of coolant flowing thru the radiator. Scratching my head now. It wasnt getting hot when it was running rich in fuel mixture about couple weeks ago. Hopefully those are hot presure air bubbles and not cusbustion leak bubbles. Needle above normal operating temperature. Usually the needle sits on the line or below it.
  7. Ok. Ive replace the cap about a month ago with a 13 lbs. But not sure if its a recovery style. I will inspect it tomorrow and see if I could make install some kind of coolant recovery bottle.
  8. So i drove my wagon to work for the first time. On the way back coming home there is a small incline on the freeway and I noticed the temperature gauge starting to rise and leaking coolant thru the presure vent hose. I never notice any coolant leak but yet I had add coolant a couple times now. So I'm already thinking the worst, head gasket leak. So I get a block tester to see if theres any combustion fumes in the radiator which would determine and leak. Fluid should turn yellow after a couple minutes suctions. I have already change the thermostat. But still getting hot on that incline. I read in the manual that the radiator shoul not be top off but fill to a fin inside the radiator itself. Any suggestions?
  9. Im confused, is the gasket and trim molding different? I keep seing chrome trim molding on eBay. The molding looks like they are in sections and the gasket is one whole seal.
  10. I'm in for group buy if it happens. I found one on e-bay two days ago but got beaten on the purchase. I also found a website in Australia that has them available but they don't do international shipping. https://www.autoglasswarehouse.com.au/subaru-leone-1979-to-1984-brumby-1982-to-1995-su71 Need to get a aussie friend so they could ship to the US. Ha
  11. Yes the fuel.. This wagon loves its 91 octane gas and ain't cheap here in California. Its $4.89 a gallon of gas.
  12. Finally Passed Smog.... Smog technician was surprise on how clean the wagon is running. Now I could move one to other simpler things the wagon needs. Thanks for the help and knowledge on this post.
  13. So heres the final readings Im getting after adjusting the air fuel mixture. Thats the best i could get at 800 rpm idle. Taking it in Saturday for another and hopefully final smog test.
  14. Jsut saw this post... By any chance that there's still some available for 84 wagon. Or anyone knows a source.
  15. oczuk32

    EA81T boost sensor location?

    I getting that issue on my 84 wagon turbo when the interior of the car gets hot. It works in cool interior weather. How much should you rely on the gauge to get good boost readings?