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  1. It's where I keep all my most valuable parts, specially my muffin tops. Ancient mechanic technology, use the old lady's baking hardware to keep your nuts and bolts.
  2. I've heard of the horror stories of finding oil pumps for sure. My intent is a full rebuild as much as I can, not replacing parts. Gaskets, o-rings and, the speed gods willing, piston rings without needing a cylinder boring. Thanks you for the heads up on the oil pump though.
  3. Thus begins the saga of rebuilding a seized engine, a seized water pump, broken bolts, registration woes, and the many other problems from sitting for years in who-knows-where. So far, it's living up to its namesake, but it's complete and in good condition.
  4. I'm so sorry if I hijacked this thread DV-523! I hope your repair is successful. I agree with all the other guys about replacing and removing bolts. Penetrant oil helped me as well as heat. A good hardware or fastener store locally is where I source my automotive bolts. A good place should have a variety of bolt types like zinc coated, stainless and whatnot. If all else comes together I'll be liberally applying anti-seize to the shaft of the bolt in the intake manifold, torquing everything to spec, and double checking for air and coolant leaks. I'm going for a full rebuild if the cylinders aren't garbage and crossing my fingers. VICTORY IS MINE! After hours or heartache and cussing and possibly bending the intake manifold, it has succumbed to my will.
  5. That's where my head is going. Just keep drilling, just keep drilling. La la la la la. Dory said it best. Best case, I have to JB weld repair the slot, second best, break that punk intake off hoping the bolts come out nicely then replace the intake. I'm off to find some magical drill bits. Thanks for the encouragement @idosubaru!
  6. Pardon my intrusion, I seem to be in a similar predicament. I just got a Brat after 20 years of waiting only to find a seized engine and dried coolant crud throughout the system. The 2 long bolts on one side of the intake manifold of snapped the heads off upon attempted removal. So I soaked it in penetrant oil, the drilling got FUBAR and askew, torched it, whacked at it to loosen it, and tried to gently pry it. After crying a bit, I took a slide hammer with an old coil spring compressor end to grab into the water neck opening and gave it all I got to pull it up and out...to no avail. Maybe half a millimeter of movement. Then more tears. Then by brain thought it could be a good idea to cut into the intake bolts. My theory was to cut the binding and rusted tube in half, thus making it twice as easy to release the kraken. I'm still crying and debating cutting deeper or yanking harder, or buying a new motor. Thank you for shopping at Subaru. Good luck everybody.
  7. Greetings Soob lovers. Looking forward to adding and stealing lots of knowledge from this place. Just acquired a 1984 Brat with a seized motor after 20 years of drooling to get one and been driving a 2010 WRX since it was new. So far everything I've read here shows me there's lots of love and enthusiasm for drivers and their cars. Looking forward to more.
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