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  1. Yep. It's one of the most rare factory outback colors. Sydney Blue Pearl.
  2. alcyone

    Lights mounted on the bumper

    Not to dig up an old topic, but I just installed some Hella 500's on my Legacy in a similar location, and the light output is fantastic. Hopefully this will keep me from hitting more deer!
  3. Enjoy the car, Chris. I hope she treats you as well as she has me. Mike
  4. I would rather have my svx than that Esprit or ANY car you name. I've been through this woth some of my non-svx nut friends. There is no car I would rather have. Mike PS- That Esprit was designed by the same firm that designed the svx.
  5. Here's a MP3 of the song. It's named with what it is. http://www.subarusvx.org/file_sharing/DjTiesto-LettheLightShinein.mp3 Mike
  6. I would NEVER sell my svx. It's the love of my life! It had always been my dream car, and I was finally able to get it about 4 years ago. There is no car on the planet I would rather have. Mike
  7. Yep... That's exactly what it is. Mike
  8. Here's a little video we made on friday night with my RX and SVX, and my buddies OBS. Enjoy!! http://www.subarusvx.org/vids/subiesnowfun.mov Mike
  9. alcyone

    Submit pics here

    Here are a couple of my RX. http://www.subarusvx.org/mike/P1010052.jpg http://www.subaru-svx.net/photos/files/Green1995SVX/12582.jpg Mike
  10. As others have said, SVX is an absolutely amazing touring car that many people dont realize it is. I think you have to drive one to truly appreciate its amazing road manners. The engine is matched my none in smoothless, reliablity, and OHHH that exhaust note. "Wait, when did i start driving a Porsche?" http://www.subarusvx.org/vids/rev.mov Mike
  11. Ben- I've had no overheating problems at all. I had the car serviced by Kerven Subaru about 2 weeks ago and they had indicated to me that the coolant level was low at that time (they added some). The thermostat housing looks good. The coolant appears to be originating somewhere at the rear right of the engine (turbo side), although it could be just running back there from somewhere else. The area around the coolant temp sensor is dry. Mike
  12. Be aware that the 94 L models are all FWD. Aside from the transmission and wheel bearings, just give the car an overall check to look for signs that it's been maintained properly. (no fluid leaks, proper fluid levels, clean fluids). SVX's can be fantastic cars if properly cared for. If you do get the car, follow the maintenece schedule!! Mike
  13. alcyone

    Body Kit

    The RX Body kit should fit your Loyale, and you could probably find one at your local subaru salvage yard. They actually look pretty cool! Mike
  14. Yesterday I noticed some smoke coming from under the hood of my RX. I opened up the hood to check and see what was going on and I have coolant pooling up on top of the engine under the intake manifold. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Best, Mike