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  1. 1maBrat

    the cargo cover and new steering

    Yes the top will be removable as the roll bars need to go back in while in 4 x 4 mode. Also the steering column is XT6, the fin on the back is XT6 as well as the front suspension is XT6. Motor is XT6, 2.7 ltr, matched to an 87 5 spd d/r XT pressure plate and fly wheel. And yep the garage is always a mess in progress, but couldn't find any thing if it wasn't Thanks for all the comments and glad some think its cool. 1maBrat Dale
  2. Ok so here's a better look at the cargo cover I'm doing on the Brat. Also am putting in the column from my XT6 (no tilt as removing that feature, just telescopic), and yes all the buttons will be operational. Just not for all the original things on it. The cover is my own project from scratch having worked in fibre glassing for many years. Very easy project for any one to challenge. Just need an old sheet, some resin and go hard. Complete write up on Brat to follow project with all photo's. Am putting a window in the cover to veiw back in the shape of the new Subaru emblem. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/photos/showphoto.php?photo=13629&cat=728 Lots more XT6 parts to add, everything done so far is done without cutting or welding, except the fender wells and frame rails. What do you think ?? Thanks 1maBrat Dale:banana:
  3. Yes you can take any of the late 80's front control arms and bolt them on your EA-81 cross member, its a direct swap but be careful, it moves your front wheels about 2" forward and out about the same,if you take it from the strut and off the cross member the only change you need to make is to drill out the pattern for the three bolt strut top.Be Sure to weld some heavy washers over the holes you drill.you will also need to have new radius rod made and these need to made to measure as the years you use make a diffrence.You may also need to use a ream to fit the steering rack to the joint as this may also be diffrent. I've done it to my EA-71 Brat and it looks wild. I have no advise on the rear yet as i used spacers to get the same distance for the rear. Good luck as you go. Thanks 1maBrat Dale
  4. 1maBrat

    H6 and5spd dr on ea71 sub frame

    great idea I will check out the site, checked with the General and also posted on board, and am getting good help from you all and learning piles from the board usage. I read it a couple times a day and love the things that people are doing to Sube's " the most incredible machine on the planet" Thanks for all the advice and help to now 1maBrat, Dale
  5. 1maBrat

    H6 and5spd dr on ea71 sub frame

    Yes sireee she's an ea71, 11/77 Brat, check out the pics in my album to see some of the work on her as yet. thanks for your comments on the wiring, much appreciated. 1mabrat Dale:cool:
  6. 1maBrat

    H6 and5spd dr on ea71 sub frame

    Thats my plan but im not sure how to get power to the ecu and where to take it from.The ecu plugs into the back of the engine with only 2 big plugs,one white and one black, i have the diagrams for the xt6 but not sure of how to get the power to those plugs.Whe n i took the car apart i just unpluged everything,and now have a HUGE pile of wire.thats all i know about electricity. Any help would be greatly appreatiated. Thanks 1mabrat Dale
  7. 1maBrat

    ER27 INTO 77 brat

    Its been a lot of cutting and busted knuckles but i got it all to fit,have to do some custom fabbing yet for the rad but i have great and never done plans for that.I am putting together a so called "Brag Book"as i go and will post it when its all in and running. Thanks 1mabrat Dale:banana:
  8. 1maBrat

    ER27 INTO 77 brat

    Thanks in advance for any and all help. As most regulars here know,this project has been going for a while now,and the work is slow as i own my own company and it takes most of my time. Well here is my latest problem.I can turn a wrench as well as the best of them, but i know nothing about electrical wiring.So here goes ,i need to piggyback the er wiring onto the original wiring harness,i have all the wire from the xt6 and all relays and puters ,so i am looking for some type of diagram to show me what i need . Thanks 1mabrat Dale
  9. Here is what I'm doing with my '77 Brat and my old XT6 which wouldnt pass inspection. Have taken the H6 and mated it to an '88 Loyale, 5 spd d/r, with a 3.90 gear ratio. Have got the rails cut and engine and tranny fit well. Just need to figure out all the electrical. If anyone can help with info on splicing the two harnesses all comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, 1maBrat Dale http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/photos/showphoto.php?photo=13333&cat=728
  10. Hey Kilroy,i also live in Edmonton AB.i own a 77 BRAT and am putting a 2.7l in it from an xt6 with a 5spd d/r:headbang: .we could get together some time if you like and see what we know together,i live in the west end of the city.Send me a pm if you want to get together some time and i can send you my # 1mabrat Dale
  11. 1maBrat

    New lights for the Brat

    Oh Yes definately will have covers, law is same here and will not be on the brat in street mode, these lights are only in Off road mode.... this is only in fun with the gang. :cool:
  12. 1maBrat

    New lights for the Brat

    An (old) new set of lights for some "Off roading " fun. Not yet hooked up but all funtional. This is the newer of the 2 that I picked up. A perfect fit in width and abit lower than the rollbar. Will raise the light bar so they can be seen from the rear as well. More updates to come as we progress. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/photos/misc.php?action=showalbums Should be good for a laugh to see the reactions as everyone scatters *EG*
  13. 1maBrat

    12v air compressor

    just add on a bracket and put on a second pump,and its much faster than anything you can get out of any store.you can run a propane tank up to about 220 lbs before the valve goes so be careful,but its fast and is with you always I would not do this for my daily driver just my offroad. Just what i think and what i use
  14. 1maBrat

    12v air compressor

    if you run an a/c compressor you can fill a small propane tank in just a few min to about 150 lbs so it is air on the fly ,just put in a switch so you can turn it off when you don't need it.you might also want to put in a bleed off drain so you can drain the water from the tank because it will fill quite quick if you dont stay up on it:banana:
  15. Regarding the Subie price, we have a written appraisel for our " 79 Brat " it is stated as being worth $3942.65 CDN. that was 1 yr ago. That is what we needed for our Insurance but then if you don't have replacement value listed on your policy the most Insurance companies go with the cheapest they can get away with. If this would help you we can email a copy to you.