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Found 5 results

  1. Working on a 2008 Legacy, I just finished replacing both CV axles with good ones from O'Reillys. I'm in a out of the way rural small town and they didn't have two rebuilt ones (I've heard the rebuilt ones are better) so I ended up getting one rebuilt one and one new one. Now I'm having problems with the ABS pulsing when breaking and sometimes getting an error 55 on the instrument cluster display. I inspected the sensors and they appear okay. Has anyone dealt with a similar issue before?
  2. Hello, I have a few questions. 1. Does anyone on this site ever installed one of these on there cars? 2. Do they work? Could you see or feel the difference? 3. Is there a secret to getting in on without causing blunt trauma to the balancer? FYI, I have read there return policy and they say treat this like it a new born baby. 4. Where did you get it from and where you happy with them? How 5. I have not tried to install mine. I want to get what I paid for IF it will fit. see below I purchased mine from THMotorsports online. When I received it, I took it from the box immediately noticed that li look used, I have called them twice now, and I am getting the run around. They offered $50.00 off if I would keep it. I told them I want what I paid for a NEW one, not scratched or anything. Just send me a new one.... This is what I recieved, thoughts?
  3. So i have a 2008 legacy 2.5i non turbo, and am wondering if the flange sizes between the stock car are the same as the GTs or Spec B. I am looking for a cat back high flow system, and all I see are for the turbo models. I think the stock exhaust pipe for my car is 2.25in after the cat, and the GTs are 3in. I was hoping someone knew the difference between the flange size because I would like to put the 3in on. In the future I will replace the headers, down pipe and the cat pipe, but for starters a cat back will suffice. I do know that other cars may have different size exhaust pipes between different trims, but the flange size is the same. In this case, and hopefully my case you can potentially mix match the different exhaust pipes between trims. Thank you for any info on this matter, -Myles
  4. I have a 2008 Subaru legacy limited 2.5L AT. I'm planning on draining the transmission fluid and adding new stuff http://www.amazon.com/SUBARU-AUTOMATIC-TRANSMISSION-FLUID-BOTTLE/dp/B00FA2AD5U/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1416421234&sr=1-1&keywords=subaru+atf What I can't figure out is how much Fluid I would need to buy in order to satisfy the tank. I can't find in the manual how much the capacity is or online at the current moment, it only tells me how to check the levels and what brads to buy, maybe I keep skipping over it, if so I apologize for wasting time with said question. I was wondering if anyone could tell me? Greatly Appreciated
  5. Now I looked over the car with my mother and we test drove Nala (Her name, yes yes i Know. Childish, but Lion King will always be a part of my life lmao) and she ran great. She had a loose heat shield, which caused a slight racking noise, but the dealer fixed it right away before selling it to us (Sales person was really nice and very straight forward. Dealer had a really high rating with BBB, and my neighbor just bought a brand new Audi from the same dealer). I had a mechanic I trust look over the car and he said everything looked good to him. Tires, engine bay...etc. Now...Would you find it to be odd that a used 2008 Subaru legacy sold by an Audi dealership, has 3 Yokohama tires and one Bridge stone tire (Front right). And not even a full week later, the tire pressure monitor light goes on? I mean my mechanic and I both looked over the tires, and saw that the tires had plenty of tread, almost like brand new tires. Can't believe we didn't see that the tires had different brands. Now the sales person said that the car was previously owned by a girl who went to MIT, and that she took really good care of it. Clean Car fax, no visible wear, no quirks with the car, literally felt brand new. She took the train to school and left the car at home, so that's why this 08 has lower miles than an average car would, so maybe she caught a flat and then replaced it? The only thing that is getting me is the two different sets of tires 0.o' and the Tire monitor light are on a car I Bought less than two weeks ago. I was thinking of Calling the dealer and bringing it back to have them look at it. I'd rather tell me I have a flat or something after looking at it, instead of me assuming. But to my recollection I haven't run over anything that would cause a flat, or cause the tire to start losing air. But in this life, freak things happen. So what do you guys think?
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