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All Who Ordered Shirts @ WCSS but did not recieve them

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Because we ran out of a few sizes we opened ordering of shirts up and then we were going to post order them.


But in the hecticness of closing down the show, getting ready to move and stuff we have seem to lost the sheet that said who post- ordered and their addresses.


Know people on the list






If you have already paid and would like to receive your shirt we need you to email me @ richie@fixmysuby.com. Would like to put a final order in Monday.


Also if you would still like to get a shirt, you can pay by paypal and get them ordered til Monday (more info in previous posts or email me)

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I put in an order for 14 medium shirts in the staff saftey green color, pre-paid of course.


If I could get those overnighted to me, with three large peporoni pizza's that would be great. mmmhmm..



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