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Special thanks to 75skunkaroo

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You folks won't believe this but this A-bar that I just sent out to him took 5 years to get to him. :eek:


Yup,I confess. :-\ Excuses include but not limited to: Closing workshop and moving in 2004,stuffing it all into storage too tight to deal with for a year or so,(2004-2006)moving to a new location where the sun was supposed to shine every day for a few years but just as I was getting organized and ready to deal with the A-bar the guy pulls the rug out (2006)and needs his place back,back to storage units(2007-to present),finally to a place of utter disgust and humiliation and an eye on a light shining ,blah blah blah ....and all that and yup, I finally got the thing on its way. :banana:



Thanks a million to our man Mike in Oregon ! You are the MOST patient person I've EVER known. And your tunes are btchin !





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Ya know what's funny? I still haven't done anything with the A-bar yet! 🤣

Paul, hope you're doing good, and a late Happy Birthday!

Now, back out into the dark to try and get the stuck door open on the gold wagon so I can try and get the clutch pedal unstuck..... 🙄



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Man some years have gone by, eh ? 

I’m doing well enough to pay bills and occasionally laugh a little. Thanks for asking. Hope you’re also paying bills and laughing occasionally or better. 
Nice to see you’re back. 

Best of luck! 

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