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Oh, and if nobody knows of a decent quality/price kit, where the best place for parts? I read somewhere that a guy for the gaskets from Schucks and the bearings and rings from NAPA.

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Still would love to hear any input on where to get parts...


timing belts, idlers, and waterpumps along with seal and gasket kits can be bought from "theimportexperts" on ebay. good quality parts for a very good price.


some folks will say use only subaru seals.


not very many people here go as far as spliting an engine block. of course some of the pros here do it on a regular basis, but most of us are of the shade tree variety and why split a block when you can get a replacement engine for 300$ or less. but that's just my opinion.


i would think a subaru online dealer would be your best source for rings and bearings, but i have never bought either, so what do i know? aftermarket may be just fine if it is a reputable company.


i like :


www.subarugenuineparts.com jamie thomas, "subie gal", is a member of this board.


but there is also :




www.subarupartsforyou.com - a good place to find part numbers


www.opposedforces.com/parts/ - another good part number place

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