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Transmission/Transfer case questions 82 BRAT

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I noticed when driving that if I were to pump the gas pedal the tranny lurches and makes a clunking noises. It shifts fine and with smooth application of the gas pedal, there is no noise. ODO is frozen at 220k. Is this normal wear and tear for this mileage? What can be done to make it drive smoother?


Also, when the 4wd level is disengaged, the transfer case makes a LOUD clunking noise. Is it normal for there to be a clunk when the 4wd is disengaged? I use to have a Jeep and there would be a little clunk when the transfer case was disengaged, but this clunk sounds really bad


Also at what speed can you drive in 4WD?

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Guest taprackready

Clunking noise when you feather the throttle back and forth is likely to be the tranny mounts which are usually always shot in a high mileage vehicle. Use the search engine on this board and investigate how to make your own urathane replacements. It will save you money and be a better product that trying to purchase factory stuff.


Speed at which you can use 4x4 hi. Some may disagree but any speed from 5-105 miles per hour. It basically doesn't matter. Some may ask, "why would you have a need for 4x4 at high speeds"? Well there really is no need, but I'm just making a point that the vehicle will not be harmed by grabbing that lever and putting in 4x4 at any speed. You may experience some bucking/binding should you try to do it on dry surfaces and the steering wheel is not pointed straight ahead but otherwise no problem.


Take care of the tranny mounts and the clunking should go away.



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The universal joint in the driveshaft will do the same thing .....if worn. I replaced mine and WHAT a difference!



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