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Hi everyone


I think I have a noisy diff, Its an 89 Legacy 5 speed manual 1800cc. I'm getting a whirring sound from the rear that gets louder the faster I go and to the point where the stereo doesn't make the drive acceptible however I don't like BOOM BOOM DUFF DUFF too much . I have a new clutch and drive shafts and the wheel bearings are good as far as I know. Any advice would be good as to where I should start.


Also when I engage the AWD button on the stick when on the road it feels like the back just winds up and I cant go back or forward. Is it because i'm on the tarmac or is it buggered.


Thanks for reading and hope you can help.

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subaru rear differentials very rarely fail.


is there any fluid in the diff?


my guess, without knowing much of anything obviously is that it's a wheel bearing. they sound central while you're driving and only if you sit in the rear trunk area do they reveal which side they might be related too. subaru wheel bearings often don't exhibit typical bearing failure issues too - like play in the wheel, etc. i've seen failed bearings that make no noise when you turn them by hand and feel perfectly tight. once removed and disassembled though it's obvious.


maybe it's bad, just make sure it's not something more common like a wheel bearing. i would have someone ride in the back and listen to see if the noise is center, left, or right.


as far as AWD - not sure how the push button one's work over there, but you are correct in thinking "locked" 4WD, if that's how this one works (like the older gen stuff), should not be used except offroad, snow, mud, grass, etc. otherwise you'll have torque bind.

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4wd should be enaged and disengaged withthe steering straight on. you may have to reverse or go in the grass or gravel to get out of 4wd if you have been driving on pavement.


4wd no: dry pavement

engaging with the wheels turned

engaging while spinning wheels


4wd yes:



gravel and dirt roads

wet roads at highway speeds and straight roads. not ideal for city driving

engage while driving, at any speed, just let off the gas when you hit the button

4wd can be run at any speed up to top speed

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