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So now I have a Toyota (my first one too!)


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Time for an update, Put the 63's back on, I was bending the f150's. Started to install the cage, and decided I needed to tub the firewall first. So fuckit I cut some holes in the floor! Cab had some rust in the lower corners anyway, so all I did was improve everything. Welding toyota sheet metal is a pain in the rump roast. Haven't flexed it yet to see how much better it is, but it looks good..













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Love this truck, it just sits there, never sees the trail. I've concluded that the thrill is in the build, hoping to get up to browns camp this weekend or sometime soon anyway. Here's a couple pics, it is "done" for the most part. Just put new rear brakes on, i Will probably never have to do brakes on the truck ever again, the fronts have about 1000 miles, and rears have about 5 miles haha. I am gonna add hydro assist, but thats it…. Gonna start another project, 1950 willys pickup, Mercedes om602, r150f, 23 spline duals, d60, 14 bolt, full hydro, links/coilovers, all that cool stuff…


Here's a couple pics of the finished interior and stuff. The truck has come a LONG way, thats for sure.




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Went to TSF on sunday. It had rained pretty good a few days last week and there was still some good water on the obstacles. I'm not sure, but I think the only thing I made it up without assistance was the right side of Waterfall. We hit Airplane Hill, Can Opener, Waterfall, Rock Garden, all of Firebreak 5, Saddle up, Rocky Up Hill, and whatever else transit trails…. Went with a group of smaller, less built rigs, and didn't get into Crushers…. Which is OK i guess, I'll get back in there next time. 


My truck held up great, and I'm ready to go smash again anytime. I'm surprised that it stays so straight, I pretty much hammer on it like nothing matters anymore….


Heres a few pics….











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