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When I looked under the hood of my brother's Impreza I thought the same thing. However, I read that they help engine performance since they don't conduct heat like metal and can be more easily manufactured for better air flow. Don't know if that's just justification to cut costs or not.

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is that really a plastic intake on the engine? Not to impressed with these on other engines......The interior is really sweet, though.


Fiberglass and Nylon composite. They're actually very tough, and as Nipper said, weigh quite a bit less than an aluminum manifold, and cuts demand for aluminum. Go look under the hood of a Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, or BWM, even Porsche for that matter. They all have them too. Ford and GM have used composite intakes for years, same with Dodge/Chyssler. Very common and it works quite well.


I've seen a few of these sporting around. They look good (except for the ugly metallic light blue one) and they certainly don't look as big as the 2nd gen Legacy until you get up close. But it's the same old story. Remember the Camry? Used to be a small nearly compact car, now it's a tank, and the Corolla is bigger than the old Camry was. Hyundai Elantra/Sonata, same story. Subaru is just following the yellow brick road. ;) Can't wait to see what they move in as the new compact compact. Think 4 door BRz. :headbang:

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