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Long shot, but I know there are a few kicking around that aren't installed on cars...


Figured I would ask everyone instead of just bothering pooparu... :-p


My brat is in need of one of these...


Let me know. :)

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haha ya I'm a little choked that I missed your FS thread Caboobaroo...


As far as making repro's is concerned, I'm pretty sure everybody that has owned one of these has said something along those lines. :-p


I'm not meaning to sound rude about it... It's just the way it is. Very difficult to justify building something like this when you already own one. Building a repro would cost you money, time and it would just make your rare piece a little more common/less rare.


I totally understand that this is not high on the priority list.


But if you were to let me reproduce yours, then we could be onto something! I have the money, time, infrastructure, and ability to do something like this. And because I don't actually own one it won't be low on my to do list.


I also just really want to see one of these installed... Seen a few pics of them sitting in front of cars but I don't think I've seen one truly installed. Garner had one... Can't remember if he every installed it... photos are lost in the usmb's of old...


Did you every install yours Caboobaroo? Moosens?

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