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After installation, found out that the tie rods are limiting the extent of negative camber that can be gained from extending the lower control arms.  Right now they are extended .5" longer than stock, and it's sitting at 0degrees camber.  As expected, extending the lower control arms causes large amounts of tow in, and I've run out of adjustment (at least that I'm comfortable with using).  Also had a few minor issues with hardware location and such, but to be expected with a first try.


Looking like making these adjustable may have been overkill, as I don't want to adjust for more positive, and can't go any farther negative.  On the next set it may be easier to just extend them .5".  







Also found out that the radius rods that came off my three door are larger in diameter than the ones that came off a junkyard wagon, might be a good upgrade for a wheeling rig.

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Well, after the control arm swap, I made some urethane front ARB bushings, and went rallycrossing!


(insert mandatory poor quality video with heavy breathing from camera dude)



^I missed a 2-1 downshift, hence the awkward almost stop.


I finished dead last in AWD, but it was a blast and I learned a lot!  Car performed flawlessly.  Hope to participate in another event before the winter is here.  Next modifications include: make urethane rear ARB bushings, replace mechanical fan with a second electrical fan (wire both to switch in cab and temp sensor in radiator), remove EGR, and if I have extra cash laying around, a real oil pressure and coolant temperature gauge.

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To an older man who is going to commute in it, and maintain it as well as I have.  I'm glad it's going to be well kept.



Also...now I have a couple K to invest in Quattro San.  The money has burnt a hole in my pocket, I persuaded my dad to lend me his welding skills for rust repair, and work is going to begin in earnest this weekend.  It's going to be my AWD daily for the winter, so it needs to be put back together ASAP!

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