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Well i traded my 98 foz for a toyota.....

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Paid 5k for the foz



To be clear i traded my subaru for the fj40 straight across


FJ Specs:


Warn winch. Painless wiring harness and fuse blocks. Chevy power steering, rebuilt FJ front axle with Detroit Truetrac locker, 34 spline Toyota outers with disc brakes. Completely new 350 Chevy engine with ARP fasteners, Edelbrock intake and Holley Truck Avenger Carb, headers and a single 3" Flowmaster exhaust. SM420 transmission with 7:1 low first. Toyota transfer case. Rear FJ Axle with Detroit Locker. Re-geared to 4:56 gears front and rear. 35 12.50 15 Goodyear MTR

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very cool, man. i LIKE it. not as pretty as the wagon. i mean that in a good way. the wagon was cool, but for MY personal tastes, the body was too straight and shiny for the design of the suspension/chassis.


but werent you curious to drive it a few months, after ALL that buildup and time in the shop?


when you gettin home, bro? ditch those towel-mutts and bring your butt and all that FAT mideast income, and hang with your puget sound brothers.


breakfast is on me, and we can blast the crap out of some plywood with my new break-open hiphung shotgun. its a fun gun. simple, durable, doesnt mind mud and snow, and it has lots of power. i blew an 8 inch hole in 3/4 OSB-plywood from about forty feet away. its a pistol grip shorty, but i left the barrell legal length, 18 inches. so the groupings are still fairly tight, and the range stays long, at least by shotgun standards. those 10-inch barrels can barely penetrate a pizza box from over 40 feet range. and thats NOT an exaggerration. test it for yourself. you KNOW i have. lol... we tried my cousins 12 gauge shorty, it was about 10 inch barrel, and from roughly 30 feet away, it barely even damaged a rubber garbage can. not impressed.

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If I could do it I'd have all of you home by the first of the year.


He is choosing it this time.So you can only feel so bad for him.;)

I do like it, old Landcruisers are pretty awesome.I don't like putting Chevy motors in anythingbut, It's worth the time.Too bad you did not do any work on it.THAT would make it yours.That has been my whole point .Through all of our little internet love spats.

I am really not a bad guy, I just hate when people think they are better than others because they spend money on stuff, instead of blood and tears.

You do that in a CERTAIN way, just like the rest of us.BUT, with all that space in a fancy shop, nice tools, and some time:what are YOU gonna build?;)

We live close enough we should have a beer,that way I can talk ************ in person:-p

And the folks I have met that have met you, say your alright..... :)


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