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need to make a rear bumper for an 86 brat

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Any suggestions?

Should i do round or rectangle? I mostly want for offroading.

how large diameter do you think?

Where should i go to source materials?

Would you show pics of the front and rear bumpers you have fabricated?


Thank you and Merry Christmas and safe holidays to all!

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i like smaller tubing around 1"ish my dd has 3/32 1" square tube front and rear i am in the process of making a heavy duty 2" pipe for the main piece with some 1" for the hoop and winch mounts and skids but it would be for off road only but no mater what a custom bumper always looks good ive seen wooden 4x4s that just seemed to fit the car they where on attachment.php?attachmentid=10228&d=1350152734 still working on the rear lightbox IMAG0326





very early stages of the front and rear bumpers lightbox IMAG0076


i havent taken pics of the new bumper yet i need to start hackin on the car so i can get the lines i want out of it now its just a bent piece of pipe

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I have a 4' long chunk of channel iron on my 84 wagon. It looks to be 4" X 1-1/2" X 3/16".



Im sure it would be simple to build, but I got lucky and picked this up at a junk yard for $13

Nice and solid yet it almost keeps a stock look with the factory 80-82 wagon end caps on.

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