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Vague issue on GL not running

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Awhile ago, I had posted here: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/135332-weber-carb-refusal-to-idle/


I thought there was something wrong with my carb... But I am starting to need to work more on it...


The car started up and ran great for the last 1-1&1/2 weeks... after having been dead since I posted that thread...


Now the problem came back, and frustrated as I need to go to work, I tore into it, took the bolts out on the shelf, pulled the connectors apart, and checked the fuel pumps power when cranking (oddly enough with the connectors off the car still tried to turn over)


I got anywhere from 8-12V each time... sometimes I saw a 10, sometimes an 8 etc. Put the connectors back, car fires on to 1500rpms then dies, all within about a second. Pushing the gas doesnt help at all, doesnt seem to affect the way it starts.


Im stumped... have a car meet to go to this weekend (see it in the Welcome section of this forum) but more importantly, I have work everyday this week...

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Check your fuel filters? Do you have another carb you can throw on there? Have somebody else start it and when it starts to stall squirt some starter fluid in the carb. See if it keeps running. Make sure it's a fuel problem, then just start running down the list of possibilities.
Sucks Ned is giving you a hard time.

Good luck

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Boy that would be a really plugged fuel filter.I have pulled them off when the car started serging on the freeway and couldn't even blow through it !!!  I was impressed that it even ran being that plugged.could it be a bent or colasped fuel line?? I had an old Studebaker years ago and it too had fuel issues.We tryed everything and I mean everything.It turned out that when i used a too small fuel line I had laying around , it cut a little flap on the inside of the line when I forced it on.so when it started it would run great ,then the fuel passing through would close the flap and the engine would die...Man talk about frustrating.It was dumb luck that we even saw the flap in there.changed the fuel line and bango,she purred.They had sweet running flathead 6's with over drive.real basic though,oil filters were an option !!,the oil seals were felt as I remember.Then in the 60's they went to modern ones like they have now. sorry for vering off subject.. Take off the fuel filter and clean it off and give it the breath test. does that year have two fuel filters like some of the ea81?? one by the tank and one on the fire wall. I seen that a few times and the one by the tank was forgoten about and plugged solid but still ran but surged.... good luck ,having your work rig down is no fun

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