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For the United States, it is the 2014 model year that the new-generation Subaru Forester has been released.


The X-Mode is quite nice since it is specially caibrated to keep the CVT, VDC, and ABS to keep the vehicle under control as much as possible in slick conditions (such as ice/snow, gravel/dirt, etc) and also has a hill-descent feature.


Though VDC-equipped AWD Subaru vehicles could still get through the "diagonal test" on rollers, the X-Mode works even better.


I'm kinda stumped though, that the X-Mode isn't on the Subaru XV :(

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I'm dissappointed that you can't get the fun motor (Turbo) with the fun transmission (6 speed manual).  Pretty soon all Subarus will just have CVTs, seems to be the route they're going.  Getting to the point where you have to buy a base model/stripped car if you want to keep stick shift.

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