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  1. Yes, the blue Honeywell/FRAM Subaru OEM oil filters are structurally similar to a FRAM Toughguard with cardboard endcaps, but they are still different in that the OEM one has that different bypass valve. In addition, although FRAM gets a lot of flak for using cardboard endcaps, I am unaware of any direct engine failures as a direct result of the cardboard end caps used in FRAM oil filters. As I mentioned, some aftermarket alternatives include Purolator and Wix oil filters as they use metal end caps. And then there's the "Six Star" brand of oil filters produced for Subaru by Northeast Imported Parts and "Killer Filters" brand of oil filters who also produce a variant of the H6 OEM oil filter which both meet OEM specs, though I'm not sure if both of them use metal end caps.
  2. 20 months of driving my 2014 Subaru XV w/ 5-speed manual around and its accumulated 68,000 miles so far... It's seen a bit of action... Seen a lot of twisty fun mountain passes and canyon roads like these... http://imgur.com/Q13A8Zs aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand a little bit of off-road action http://imgur.com/if6JqrL http://imgur.com/lhRj8DG http://imgur.com/VgWpX3f http://i.imgur.com/5YCp9tMl.jpg http://imgur.com/vVIo5U8 http://imgur.com/JJ2vCYj http://imgur.com/X23lLaR http://imgur.com/g9MGgas http://imgur.com/Gjtc7vU http://imgur.com/HzzMmkY
  3. AWDfreak

    Compared to the old Subarus. . .

    Ahhh, VDC with Symmetrical AWD = surprisingly off-road capable. Of course, VDC is like a band aid compared to actual clutch-type LSD"s or full-on lockers. Thanks for posting, I need to get my Crosstrek dirty again!
  4. AWDfreak

    Looking into the Crosstrek

    Unfortunately, Crosstreks with the 5-speed manual will inevitably be noisier than a Lineatronic CVT Crosstrek as there is less sound deadening. From the 2015 model year onwards, a thicker windshield as well as thicker side glass were used to further enhance the cabin quietness. The factory non-Hybrid tires are also unusually noisy. I found my test drive with the XV Crosstrek Hybrid quite pleasant, as I felt that the suspension and steering were sportier, as well as the cabin being noticeably quieter than my 5-speed Crosstrek.
  5. I'd also vouch for the Subaru OEM pads like grossgary said. However, if you're totally set on getting an aftermarket set of brake pads that don't make much noise, I've heard great things about Akebono brake pads. In fact, they are one of a list of Subaru's OEM suppliers of brake pads, though the aftermarket ones aren't the Akebono brake pads made in Japan, the aftermarket Akebono brake pads are manufactured in the USA.
  6. Subaru uses hard-to-find parts because it's engineered quite differently from other vehicles. My personal recommendation is to use a Subaru OEM engine oil filter. Brands such as Purolator and Wix do offer oil filters that meet the Subaru-spec bypass valve setting, due to the high-flow oil pumps used on Subaru's boxer engines.
  7. AWDfreak

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    The Khaki reminded me too much of the tactical vehicles I work with in my service, but I can see the appeal of it since it seems like such a rare color in general for a passenger CUV. Are you gonna get a 2015 or a 2016 model year?
  8. AWDfreak

    My Crosstrek thread. (title edit)

    Wow, that means you've been through three different XV Crosstreks! No wonder I noticed your pictures look familiar, I think you're on both the other XV forums! Is your next color gonna be Hyper Blue or something even more toned-down?
  9. AWDfreak

    Poor Audio Quality when listening to radio

    A lot of this simply sounds like reception issues with the antenna. Today's antennas are so small and insignificant that reception of radio waves is probably not nearly as good as the old-fashioned ones that stuck out straight up rather than being slim and unnoticeable. Anyone considering changing their antenna to an old-style one? I personally don't use the radio except for road/weather condition advisories.
  10. I've gotten about 480 miles out of my 15.9 gallon fuel tank, running on fumes, in my 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek w/ 5-speed manual (for whatever reason, we North Americans get the FB20 engine with the 5MT rather than the rest of the world, in which the FB20 is normally paired with a CVT or 6MT). Taming my leadfoot is a true challenge of patience to attempt that feat again. As for running the fuel tank low, it is not advised, as far as I'm aware, the fuel pump is cooled off by the fuel itself so it would be best to avoid your fuel tank getting any lower than a 1/4 tank.
  11. As Fairtax4me mentioned, this is normal and is part of the warning lamp test before starting the engine. I would suggest using your parking brake every time you park. Assuming you have an automatic, the parking pawl on automatics is not intended to be the sole member holding a vehicle stationary. Also, the electronic parking brake is still a typical drum-in-hat parking brake, but instead of being manually actuated by the traditional parking brake lever, an electric motor actuates the application of the parking brake. These parts diagrams show that, although the cable is actuated by an electric motor, the action is still mechanical. The actual components stopping the vehicle from moving don't really look any different than a manually-actuated parking brake system. http://parts.subaru.com/a/Subaru_2011_Legacy25L-CVT-4WDPremium-Sedan/_54106_6028085/PARKING-BRAKE-SYSTEM/B14-260-01.html http://parts.subaru.com/a/Subaru_2011_Legacy25L-CVT-4WDPremium-Sedan/_54106_6028688/REAR-BRAKE-PARKING-BRAKE-10MY-12MY/B14-263-02.html
  12. AWDfreak

    Crosstrek/Imprezza brakes

    I had Mann Engineering in Santa Clara do the job. They specialize in Subaru vehicles, so they aren't some generic shop. Also, they're the ones that advertised the lines for the Crosstrek.
  13. Are you referring to the stop/start system that's on the XV Hybrid?
  14. AWDfreak

    Subaru XV off-road pictures thread!

    The XV is surprisingly capable. However, without the center LSD and VDC to band-aid the open front and rear diffs, it wouldn't be so capable. It has the shortest wheelbase compared to its other off-road Subaru siblings (Forester, Outback, Tribeca, etc), but somehow the Forester has a better breakover angle. The Forester also has better approach angle, departure angle, and with X-MODE, VDC is better-tuned to take on rough terrain and loose conditions. It's great that someone else is gonna post some XV off-road pics! Please post them when you get around to it! Speaking of which... Once wasn't enough, so I went to Prairie City, AGAIN!
  15. I went off-roading at Prairie City SVRA near Rancho Cordova, California. Got the XV plenty dirty