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Found 15 results

  1. We have a 2013 outback VIN 4S4BRBCC2D3302549 Can we swap in a type B radio, 86201AJ66A to replace the existing radio which is a type A we believe, 86201AJ61A Better yet, could we swap in a navigation radio?
  2. Greatings. Currently have no power to my factory FM radio in my 84 DL. I have checked the fuse (15A) in fuse box and glass (2 amp) fuse behind radio. No luck so far. Radio stoped working a few months back. All the wiring is original and has not been messed with. Any ideas?
  3. G'day from Singleton Australia ! Here's how I did my 80ch UHF radio install. Antenna mounted on rollbar. Close up Old console shot with cassette deck I ripped out to put the UHF in. Removed the whole console to work on it Cassette deck out, look what was underneath.. original radio stuff. The original am/fm hole was hogged out with a hacksaw to take the tape deck. Needed to remove 2 plastic ridges to mount the UHF bracket flush with the internal console housing Had some stainless bolts the right diameter in the shed. They're too long but I cut them down to size. Used a dremel to slot the upper plastic ledge. The plan is to inteference fit the bolt heads under it. Checking slots for bolt diameter clearance here. Bolts measured for cutting UHF radio mounting bracket measured and drilled The bolt heads are an interference fit. That means the heads are taller than the slot clearance. Old plastic is brittle unless you heat it first. Wifey's hairdryer is alot more forgiving than my heat gun so I used that instead Bolts mounted and gently tapped home with a flat blade screwdriver and the palm of my hand for a hammer 4wds are subject to heaps of vibration so spring washers are a must do item Bracket bolted into place UHF head unit bolted up to bracket Here's what the console looks like from the front. I will manufacture a face plate later to make it look pretty Mounting position for the handpiece is on the front of the ashtray And bolted up Looks like this from the front Fuse holder mounted Console installed back in the car. Thinking I'll use the old volume and tone control holes for power window switches later on All systems go ! Job done and works like a ripper ! Cheers, Knucklehead.
  4. I just bought a Crosstrek XV Hybrid over the weekend and I enjoying it. I listen to both radio and music via Bluetooth. The audio quality via Bluetooth is amazing and very loud and clear. The audio quality via radio is horrible and very soft and full of static. Does anyone has the same problem or is it just my car having the issue? I don't HD quality audio but it was horrible and not even close my old car. Thanks and appreciate any advice.
  5. I'm trying to find a wiring diagram for my 89' GL so I can install the radio myself instead of paying a 50$ fee just to get it put in. I'm simultaneously trying to learn more about my car as it is my first car and I wanna be able to work on it myself rather than relying on body shops, mechanics, etc. etc.. If anyone could help me out it'd be much appreciated since I'm basically a new born in terms of being in the car scene.
  6. Bought a Subaru recently.. Please tell me how to set the 80watt P114 AM/FM Cassette Radio Player. It blinks 12:00 and I am unable to set the programmable radio stations. It was working.. Now, I cannot change stations etc.. It just blinks 12:00 Tried multiple combinations.. :/ I feel pretty stupid. LOL Pictured Here: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/-tcAAOSwVFlUB3VH/s-l1600.jpg Thank You in Advance! Leda
  7. Hello! I've been experiencing intermittent radio display issues in which strange symbols or a blank screen is shown when it's turned on. The radio and buttons work. This issue increases with frequency with hotter cabin temperatures, like in summer. Any suggestions as to the cause?
  8. Kinda weird experience, the radio was working fine on the way home and the next morning I could only play CDs, no AM/FM reception at all. Has this ever happened to anyone? Our last Forester was a '98, didn't have the antenna in the window, never had a problem with the radio.
  9. A couple weeks ago I bought a 1999 Legacy Outback. It has a radio, cassette player and 6 cd changer. The controls for the cd player are on the dash, under the radio and cassette controls. My problem is I can't figure out where the cds are inserted. I can't see anyplace on the dash where they would go. Under the front passenger seat there is a black box bolted to the floor. It faces to the back. The back side faces the front of the car. There are several wires connected at the back of the box. If I open the back door and get down on my knees and twist around enough to see under the front seat, I can see on front of the box printed, "Cd Changer" or "6 CD changer", or something similar to that. It is a Subaru product. I can't see any way this box would open or any other way to insert cds. It seems a very inconvenient place if it's necessary to get out of the car, jam myself onto the floor of the rear seat to somehow load cds into that black box. If that is how it's done, where do the cds go? I don't see any openings.
  10. Removed adapter and used stock face plate surround and mounts: Installed BOSS 612UA Radio media player into my 91 Loyale: From Fry's $30 adapter from junkyard, probably Metra
  11. I am onto my second 92 loyale and I have noticed both of them automatically shut off the stereo when you honk the horn. I figured my first one was because I wired the aftermarket stereo wrong but my new one has a stock stereo and does the same thing. Anyone else have this? Is this to avoid ironic situations when listening to Pearl Jam while you crash your car?
  12. So the title pretty much says it all, can't get my brat's interior lighting to work besides the dome. Would very much like to have that, what are the main wires for that? Also, my heating doesn't work, but I don't have my ac compressor connected, don't know if that's the problem or not. Anything helps Thanks
  13. Someone in my area has a free factory deck from a 98 Outback. As far as size and wiring harness, is it a plug-in match to my 92 Loyale?
  14. High on the short list of things my '92 Loyale wagon needs is a proper sound system. Some kind soul installed a nice pair of Pioneer coaxials in the front doors, but the factory AM/FM unit has to go. Do I need to watch out for specific fitment issues on radios, are there any electrical/wiring concerns (I am a recovering Volvo owner), can I mount speakers in the rear hatch panel, etc. TIA.
  15. So I just picked up a 97 Legacy Outback with 130k for $3000. It had the stock radio in it until one day I took it out to hook up a sub and amp. When I took the stereo out I tore 2 wires on accident. A yellow wire and a green and white wire. I connected them and put the radio back in seeing as it isn't compatible with a sub or amp. The radio wasn't working so I checked the fuse and it was blown. I replaced the fuse, still no radio, ensured the wires that tore were connected and they were. Still nothing. Think I fried the radio? Im about to go on a 4 hour road trip in a few days and I want some tunes. Help?
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