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ea81t belts part numbers or size?

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anybody know the part numbers for the ea81t belts? or know the belts sizes? about the only parts i need to put the wagon back together to get it started so help is very apriated. have about 40 belts and i figured what size i would need by putting ones that were close on so i could find out the right one inbetween at the parts store. turns out that didn't work so i need to go back and get a smaller and bigger one or come in with dimensions or parts number.

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turbosubarubrat, on 18 Mar 2013 - 18:27, said:

thanks not to many people that actually will check things like that for people, but mine has ac(sorry i forgot to say that). so does yours have the ac/alt bracket or just the alt bracket?


No AC bracket

No idlers

Your belts will be different.


Even the parts book is no good for this one.

It advises that Canadian EA-81Ts(presumably AC-less like mine) use "belt set" 41095 7000

It leaves the question of what to use on US ea-81ts unanswered.

Wading thru Rockautos listings may be helpful.

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