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I am curious how the BRZ Remote Start feature works in the manual version. I know that in aftermarket remote start systems, you need to go through a "reservation" procedure for manual transmission vehicles when you shut off your car in order to be able to remote start.  I think the general procedure in aftermarket is something like while car is running, put in neutral, set EBrake, remove key while leaving running, lock doors and system shuts car off automatically.


What is the procedure in the BRZ remote start?





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if there is a neutral safety located either in-trans, or at-the shifter, then it is doable, but as I remember, it was some time before cruise control was installed on manual transmission vehicles because of the engine over-run situation when stomping on the clutch without tapping the brake or hitting the 'disengage' switch first.


then some smart fellow discovered the "safety start interlock" thingus and just used that.


ahh technology...




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I highly doubt they offer it with a manual trans.

^this. when i picked up mine, the dealership said its not offered on the manual. i haven't looked into an aftermarket one yet...

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I know that you can get some of them to bypass the need of the clutch to start the vehicle. It is possible to get remote start in them. I am just not sure if all of the aftermarket ones will work directly with the system on the BRZ. My suggestion would be that if you want one bad enough, get one with a clutch bypass and if it wont work just return it. Where is the loss in that.

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"Clutch bypass" would just be a jumper to close the contacts (or open them in some cases, depending on how it's wired in the first place)

All that is needed is to get the right signals to the controller, and wire it so the controller can flip the right relays at the right times.


In the world of Plug and Play this might not be possible. 

but I have discovered that this board, and the members comprising this aforementioned board, are the robust Do it Your (owndangself) kind of folk.


trun any number of them loose with a BRZ, an off the shelf Universal remote starter kit, bits of wire, connectors, maybe a multimeter and a schematic, and it WILL happen.

(oh, and snacks, maybe a beverage or two to "enhance" the thinking processes)


it's just like herding,

you just gotta get the electrons from point "A" to point "whatever" through gates (relays/switches/transistors) through slogs (capacitors/chokes/resistors) down one way streets (diodes/triodes/pentodes)...like a miniature flea circus, these electrons perform for us as we (hopefully) wish them to.


I helped put a remote start on my friends VF750F back in the day, it was pretty cool, but we wired the interlock to the neutral lamp circuit. just in case. Neutral lamp on, remote start...lamp off...no go.


The honda dealer said it could not be done...

My friend worked as a subcontractor on defense missile projects.

He hated being told that "It couldn't be wired that way..."


...hide and watch...

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